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January 01, 2006 - Sunday, 2:28 p.m.

Happy New Year 2006

Well, another year has slipped quietly away. The wind chimes are singing outside my window, and I can hear the wind. The sun is shining and it looks like spring. Not a bad way to ring in the New Year. Last night I spent with L & T. We watched ďIndependence DayĒ, watched the ball drop at Madison Square Gardens, and had some sparkling cider. L had G open the front door to ďlet the New Year inĒ. :o) We sang happy birthday to L and had some cake. It was really a nice quiet evening.

This morning I am being serenaded by drums. :o) Curtís friend, that he is working on a band with is going to move out of his apartment and asked to leave his drums here. He brought them over this morning and set them up in the spare bedroom in the basement. Curt took his amp down there and they are playing. Guess band practice is here. :o) Good thing I donít mind the drums at all. Itís nice and rhythmic so doesnít grate on my nerves. Though I am upstairs, the spare room is below Curtís room, which is next to mine so itís pretty clear. I hope it isnít bothering Justin, though probably not as that man can sleep through ANYTHING. The person itís sure to bother is Philip. He doesnít sleep well in the first place. He isnít complaining however, so perhaps the rhythm of it isnít bothersome to him either.

I should try to get out into this very nice day. However, currently I am sitting around in my pjs being lazy. Itís nice. I donít really have to accomplish anything today and I think perhaps Iíll take advantage of that. I got a call from a friend today. She and her husband have started their divorce. In some ways it was surprising to hear, and in others not so surprising. She is a friend that I really made while I was going through my Ďyear of patienceí. In the BahŠíŪ Faith, divorces arenít done quickly. You take a year, living apart, to see if the marriage is really irreconcilable. Itís a time to talk and perhaps iron our things in your marriage. Divorce isnít taken lightly, though it is permissible. She and I both have three kids and there were four of us in our community going through our year together. We got together as a Ďsupport groupí. Debi and I found that we had a great degree in common, and we became fast friends in that year. We did classes for the kids together as they grew and really found that we could understand where each other was standing. We were both raised as BahŠíŪs. Our parent became BahŠíŪs around the same time, and we ended up living in the same community through our first marriages and divorce. Neither of us had married men who were BahŠíŪs and in many ways we always seemed like single parents to our community. We are only about 3 or 4 years different in age, so really we had so very much to talk about, and we both spent a lot of time say, ďI know what you mean!!Ē Itís been almost 15 years now that weíve been friends and weíve kept in touch all these years. I consider her to be a close friend though we really donít spend a lot of time together. It was really a nice phone conversation this morning. She is really doing very well, and it looks like the divorce will be very amicable, which is wonderful, as her last one wasnít good at all. Sheís been married 10 years to this man. I am sorry that it didnít work out, but am glad that she is doing good and looking to reclaim herself. She got lost somewhere along the way, at least she lost track of part of herself. There will be big changes in her life this year.

I suppose I should make some new years resolutions. Isnít that what you are supposed to do? HmmmÖ. Perhaps I should just look ahead and see what Iíd like to make happen this year. Iíll get my degree in May, and this year is Lake Year. Woo-hoo!! Those things are going to happen. I guess this year Iíd like to get into work earlier most days. Iíd like to make time to ride my bike this year and hike. Iíd like to sit down and layout the books Iíd like to get read this year. Iíve never done that before. Iíve always just picked up and read whatever struck my fancy. But the years are whooshing by, and I do have books that I think I SHOULD read. Perhaps it is time to start doing that. I think Iíd love to start like a Ďbook clubí with some of my family, maybe my kids, my sisters and parts of their families. It would be fun to decide together to read some books and then get together once or twice a month and talk about what we are reading. I think Iíll pitch that idea at our next Ruhi class, and maybe send an email to my sisters. Anyway, I will make a list for myself. For fun reading, I really want to get through the rest of the books on Pern by McCaffrey. I still have a pile of them, and then there are still more for me to find at the used bookstore. Iíll be able to read all through the semester this time, as Iíll only have one class!! Like every year, Iíd like to lose a little weight this year. I still have about 30 more Iíd like to lose. Not much, but the last pounds are always the hardest. I have been at the same weight for 2 Ĺ years now, not varying more then about 5 lbs. Which is fantastic, and if I never lose another pound Iíll be content. But 30 more would really be nice. :o) I probably should try harder to bring my lunch to work, though currently Iím hardly eating anything during the day. I know that isnít good, however. Something to ponder on I suppose. Last night, during the ten minute we watched the stuff happening in Madison Square Gardens, there was this great quote. It was about new years resolutions. They said that the most common resolution for years has been lose weight and get in shape, and then they mentioned what it was 4000 years ago. It was to return borrowed farm equipment. For some reason I thought that was hilarious. Obviously I have a strange sense of humor. :o) LOL. I just told Curtis it. He didnít find it funny at all. :o) Thereís the proof. Mother = strange sense of humor.

Itís 2:30 in the afternoon. Curtis is hungry, and wants me to cook something. I think taking a shower and getting dressed might be a good idea. :o) Maybe Iíll head out and go some place. As I sit here, with the curtains drawn and the window open, it feels like itís nearly summer. I know it is an illusion, but it really feels nice.

Happy New Year!!


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