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December 14, 2005 - Wednesday, 12:45 a.m.


TuesdayÖ I stayed busy today at work. I was working on a project and by the time I got to a stopping point it was nearly 8 pm!! It wasnít what I meant to do, but there I was. I am not sure why Iíve been staying at work so late recently; I guess Iíve just gotten wrapped up in these projects. I was tired by the time I headed home, but not tired enough to go to sleep. I got home, and made some rice for dinner. I played on the computer and now have crawled into bed. Itís just after midnight. I should have done some more cleaning, but really didnít feel much like doing that.

The Drís office called today looks like I am anemic again, this time worse then the last time. I am supposed to get blood work done in the morning. I felt pretty well most of the day, though my abdomen is still tender and what I ate today seemed to bother me. My sister called tonight while I was still at work and she suggested I make an appointment with the Dr. that did my surgery three years ago. Seems like a good idea. I also talked to my Mother, who said that her sister had some issue with her appendix for a number of years, but her appendix wasnít where they it was supposed to be and they misdiagnosed it for a long time. I think it would be better to talk to the doctor that looked at my appendix the last time he was in. I imagine theyíll put me back on iron supplements again. I think they should give me a B-12 shot as well. Hopefully, itíll help me move away from being tired.

Next week Dan and I will take L out to dinner as a thank you for all the help she gave us on our papers this semester. She is THE BEST proofreader!! Also, Steve, whose project I was working on late tonight, asked me to go out to lunch next week. Also Iíll go out to lunch with Cindyís group next week. Itís going to be a busy week I think. :o)

I feel restless tonight. On the one hand I am tired, and would like to fall asleep. On the other Iím hurting and donít feel much like falling asleep. I had two things I was suppose to do tonight, but missed them BOTH when I found it was 8 pm when I left work. I should have gone to work out OR to my study circle, both weíre slated for 7 pm. I did neither, and didnít notify either person. Not good. Also I am hungry, but eating I think will bother me. Perhaps I should try to find some crackers. I didnít really eat much today. I had about Ĺ of a Sausage McMuffin for breakfast, and a couple of small bags of chips during the day, then the rice tonight at about 9 pm. Itís no wonder my iron level is so low; I am not eating nearly enough protein.

The house is quiet. I think Curtis must have gone to sleep and I think Philip is out and about hanging with his friends. Justin and Moon are asleep. Well, I just wandered out into the kitchen. Phil is gone and Curt is asleep. I made a peanut butter and jelly sandwich (one piece of bread). Hopefully I wonít be sorry. At least it tasted good.

There is so much going on in my mind. Iíd like to unravel it, but I need to sleep. So, until tomorrowÖ

Sweet DreamsÖ M.

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