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December 12, 2005 - Monday, 5:55 p.m.

It's a Monday...

Itís a Monday. What a very strange evening and day Iíve had. Yesterday I wrote my paper in the morning, amazingly enough in just around 4 hours. I napped some after that. I was still tired for some reason. I went by the grocery store and picked up stuff to make a salad for dinner at my parents house. I arrived there, made the salad, and then about 15 minutes before we ate dinner, my abdomen started to hurt, and I mean very painful. I drank some hot tea, and put heat on my stomach, but really nothing seemed to help. I tried to eat a little something, but quit about halfway through my egg roll.

It never passed. I didnít have an upset stomach; I really didnít feel sick in any way, other then the pain. Maqui drove me home after Ruhi. My stomach did nothing. I threw up what little I ate for dinner, but I didnít have any other intestinal problems, just pain. I laid down and slept fitfully all night, having strange dreams about the pain. No matter what I did in my dreams I couldnít make it stop hurting. When I woke up this morning it still hurt, the same area, the same everything. I went to the Dr first chance I got this morning. She thought it might be a stomach flu, but I donít know, I didnít have a single other symptom. She did some blood work and sent me home. She told me not to eat anything today, and she scheduled an ultra sound in case there was some sort of an obstruction. I went home and tried to study. Not much luck. The pain seemed to just escalate all day. Where, on a scale of 1 to 10 Iíd woke up with it at about 7 or 8 intermittently, by 1:30 it was hovering at 10 constantly. I called the Dr again, but they were at lunch. I had 10 minutes to wait. My lower back hurt terribly from being doubled over most of the day, and ached nearly as much as my abdomen. I laid the heating pad on the bed and laid back on it. Unbelievably, for a few moments my abdomen didnít hurt at all, and I immediately fell asleep, for well over an hour. The pain has not returned, though Iíve gotten a headache instead. Still, headaches I have all the time, and that type of pain hardly fazes me.

I have NO idea what was wrong; it ended about as suddenly as it started. Perhaps it was a stomach flu of some sort. But I really hadnít eaten anything all day on Sunday, so it couldnít have been what I ate. Very strange, I am just SOOooo glad to have the pain gone. I know it was bad. My ability to tolerate pain is pretty high, so to feel like I wasnít going to be able to make it through the day, means it was pretty bad. So strange to have it just suddenly stop.

For the most part I am ready for my final in just about an hour from now!! I managed some how to collect the information I needed to study. I can NOT wait to walk out of class tonight!! Iíll have everything done except that take home test, which doesnít look too bad.

It was nice today, the sun shining and warm. I wish I could have enjoyed it. Ah well. The house is so quiet. Itís about 5:30 pm. Curtis is over at Kyle and Maquiís, and Philip has gone to work. Justin is still asleep. Itís dark outside. It feels late. The house is a MESS!! Thatís what I get for living with a bunch of men!! :o) They arenít good about cleaning, not a one of them!! The living room looks like it was hit by a Dominoís Pizza truck and the bathroom by a laundry truck!! Gah!! When I get home tonight, if I still feel pretty good, Iím going to clean up the living room, kitchen and bathroom. It drives me crazy to have it in disarray.

Iím supposed to work out tomorrow night at 7 pm with that personal trainer. Ugh! I have felt so bad I canít imagine doing that tomorrow. I may have to call her and cancel. Weíll see how the day goes tomorrow.

Iím starting to get hungry, but I still canít imagine eating yet. I think Iíll stop and pick up some ice from Sonic. They have like the best ice on the planet! :o) I started watching ďVoyagerĒ again last night, before I drifted off to sleep. Thatíll keep me busy for a while. ďNarniaĒ has come out in the theatre! I very much want to see that. Everyone that has seen it so far says it was wonderful!! I loved those books. I imagine Iíll sneak out and see that this week some time. Itís really nice to be 45 and a woman, ya know? I can just go see whatever I want. I donít have to have an excuse to see cartoons or kids movies. I just go and see whatever I want. Iím not bothered by what it will Ďlookí like. I like that. Iím cold.

HmmmmÖ.. LaterÖ M.

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