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December 04, 2005 - Sunday, 12:35 a.m.

A Sleepy Saturday...

There is a window that overlooks my back yard and a vista to the north and east. You can see out of it when you stand in the tub taking a shower. To my surprise when I stepped into the shower just after noon today, it had snowed during the night; as a matter of fact it was still snowing. My family was planning to meet at Zioís, an Italian restaurant along I-25 north of where I live. We were going to celebrate our November birthdays there.

Two of my sons, my daughter-in-law and I left from our house at about 1 pm, hoping to get there by 1:30. As we merged onto I-25, it was obvious that the traffic was nearly at a standstill so we immediately exited at the next exit and snaked through town to the restaurant. We arrived just about 1:45. The roads were terrible and it was obvious that everyone would trickle into the restaurant for the next hour or so. There was a three car accident right on the road at the entrance to Zioís. My sister, Lynn, got caught on south bond I-25 for well over half an hour, just sitting in park. She said that there were actually people out of their cars walking around trying to see what had stopped the traffic. When she joined us she said that there had been accidents all along the highway from Castle Rock. Everyone made it and the twenty-four of us were the bulk of the people at Zioís.

It was really a nice visit with everyone. We didnít get home until just after 4:30 pm. It was my plan to work on my school work once I got home. I sat down and found that there was nothing to do for my online class this week (other then read). Wonderful!! I was cold, and I couldnít seem to focus enough to read my assignments so that I could write the two 3 pages papers I needed to write.

Itís almost midnight. Itís well below freezing tonight. It looks like winter. I like it, though it is my preference to be home and snuggled under the covers. But itís a Saturday, and for the most part that IS all Iíve done today. Why is it that I have these days where I am unbearably tired? Iíd slept in and then lay in bed until I showered to go to lunch. When I got home, I put on some pajama pants and warm socks and crawled into bed. I turned on the TV but eventually turned it off and fell asleep. I then slept until about 9:30 pm!! Gah!! Iíve spent that vast majority of my day it bed. Iím no longer tired like I was, but still it looks like Iíll be able to go back to sleep in a couple hours.

I believe it was yesterday some time when it dawned on me, that there is a good chance that Tim has a girl friend already. Though he never mentions anyone, there is always that chance. But then, I guess that is okay. Iíll be fine. I donít really have my heart set on anything or anyone, which is probably a good thing. This weekend is/was our Christmas party for work, one on Friday night and one on Sunday night (this makes it possible for all shift to attend). I didnít go last night and though I have a ticket that someone at work gave me for Sunday evening, I doubt I will go then either.

Iíve a headache tonight. Iím watching TV and lounging in bed. My neck and back are stiff; the heating pad is helping as well as keeping me warm. It would be best if I snuggled down and relaxed. I hope I can focus tomorrow and get those papers under way. I am at the end of it. I canít believe there is only one more week of classes. One of each class and then the finals! This semester has flown by. Life is going by fast.

Sounds like Philip and Curtis are arguing. They sound like that a lot to me, though they always swear they are just Ďtalkingí. I just wandered out and got some more ice water. They are both very much awake. Too bad they donít get a wild hair and clean the house. :o) That never happens, but I have to dream.

I am hoping to wake up early tomorrow and jump right into cleaning and doing homework. I guess weíll see.

I think Iíll try to relax and get some sleep.

Sweet dreams. M.

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