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November 20, 2005 - Sunday, 12:51 a.m.

My Room...

Its midnight and I have a headache. I was incredibly lazy today. I cleaned the kitchen and living room, went to a birthday party, took a nap, watched TV and put together my PowerPoint presentation for Mondayís class. OkayÖ so it was a mixture of industriousness with shear laziness thrown in for good measure.

Stormy and Halfie have finally become friends. They look adorable tonight. They are lying together on my bed sleeping. As much hissing as went on every time Halfie saw Stormy I was beginning to think theyíd never get along, but here they are.

My room is a mess. I was talking to L last week some time. She was talking about how it is taking some getting used to sleeping with someone again. How she used to have ALL the bed and now she only gets half. I got to thinking I seem to constantly have stuff sitting beside me on the bed. Most of the time Ĺ of my bed is covered with the books I am reading, homework, remote controls for the TV and anything else I might want to set down on the bed like my purse and folded laundry awaiting dresser delivery. Tonight there are two cats and a pile of extra pillows as well. Here eventually Iíll put the lap top over there, to use in the morning or tomorrow some time. I think Iíd actually have MORE room if there were someone sleeping with me. :o)

The clutter makes me crazy some days. I really should just keep it clean all the time, but unfortunately Iím a Ďdrop it were I standí kinda person. The coat by the front door, the purse on my bed, the shoes by the computer, whatever I just got done wearing either in a basket or to a pile by the wall. However if I sit on the couch in the living room I could just as easily leave my shoes there, or if I brought in groceries I might leave my purse and jacket in the kitchen. If I take a shower I could just as likely leave my shoes and clothes on the floor in the bathroom. I usually have to search for my car keys in the morning. If Iím lucky Iíll remember that I left them in the pocket of my jeans, in my purse, in my coat pocket, by the front door, on the counter in the kitchen, by the computer or on my bed. It is amazing to me that Iíve really never lost a set of keys in my life. I still have a key chain I bought at nineteen at the mall. Iím actually pretty good about cleaning up after myself, and for the most part the house is pretty clean. I just donít do it as I go.

My house doesnít have a lot of knick-knacks around. Certainly nothing I am concerned about getting broken. There isnít a lot of clutter in the living room. However in my bedroom I have all sorts of junk. Stuff Iíve been getting all my life. I have a little Minnie Mouse figurine on a mirror with my perfume. I got it at Disneyland when I was 15. I have a dozen little bottles of perfume, some of them over 35 years old. I have a little pewter comb and mirror set that my Grandma B gave me when I was about 10. There are candles on the dresser and the desk. There are things my kids made at school. I have lots of pictures on the walls. Photos I took that I framed, four from a trip to Israel, one from a trip to the Oregon coast, pictures of my boys, a great picture of Curtis that my Dad took, adorable pictures of Justin and Philip that Lynn took when they were little, one of those collage frames filled with pictures from our trip to Israel, some stuff I got in India, just stuff Iíve gotten over the years. There even a poster of Viggo Mortensen as Aragorn on the wall behind my computer monitor. I have books stacked up on and around my bedside stand. Books Iím going to read, and books Iíve recently finished reading. For all the stuff I have around my color scheme certainly isnít feminine. The carpet is a dark forest green as are the curtains. My bedding is dark green and blue with some gold and burgundy. My bedroom gives me a lot of serenity and calms me; I like to be in it. Iíll clean it up and vacuum tomorrow and all will be good again.

Iím thinking Iíll turn off the lights, turn on ďEnterpriseĒ, set the TV to turn off in an hour and fall asleep.

Sweet dreams. M.

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