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November 19, 2005 - Saturday, 2:06 a.m.

The Mesa and the city lights...

Mesa Road snakes along the crest of a ridge. The mesa drops quite a bit on both sides of the road giving a panoramic view of the city. Clouds are hanging low tonight, nearly obscuring the mountains to the west and south. The Westside is cradled in the arms of the Front Range, Rampart to the west and Cheyenne Mountain to the south. To the southwest Pikes Peak looks out over Rampart Range to watch over the Springs. She has a tendency to funnel the weather away from the Westside. We are in a little pocket, protected for the most part. I live on top of a mesa that is south of the mesa with Mesa Road running along it. If you walk down to the end of my street, only one house away, the hill drops quickly to the streets to our east, and you are perched above the city. The downtown area is directly east and the city light spill north and south of us. It’s peaceful and lovely. I’d love to have a deck that had that view. I’d be tempted to sit out there at night, even as cool as it is tonight.

I took myself to a couple movies today. I went and saw “Chicken Little” this afternoon after work, and then the 10 pm showing of “Harry Potter.” It was a nice evening. The first movie was cute and the second movie very well done. Harry Potter’s life seems to be getting darker with each new book and movie. I’ll be interested to see how they transform the next two books to movies, but more then that I wonder about the last book.

This has been a tiring week. Work has consumed me while I am there. I’ve nearly finished my design and none too soon. I got an email today asking on the status of it. The die designer wants to give Motorola an update, he’ll review that. I’m sure I’ll hear something on Monday. By noon today I felt nearly completely fried. I went out to my car and drove down to Target to get some sun glasses and then by Burger King for a Whooper Jr. Once back at work, I headed from my car to the building, and Phil passed behind me going to his car and said, “Hey!” I didn’t stop walking but talked to him as I continued towards the building. It was a conversation of little consequence, mostly just a passing ‘Hello.’

I wandered over to visit with Tim once I got back to my cubical. I was just going to say ‘hi’ he looked busy and distracted. However, he leaned back and visited with me for a while. Nothing major or of interest there, it was just a nice conversation and break.

It was just after 1 am when I got home, already it is nearly 2. I’ve a couple things to get done for school this weekend. I present Chapter 13 to the rest of the class on Monday. I need to write another 3 page write-up for the other class. We are coming up on the end of all things. Over thanksgiving I need to write that 7 page paper for the Human Resource class. Then just the test in that class, and one more write-up and the final in the other class and I am done. Wow. I can’t believe I am coming up on the end of this.

I’m dreadfully tired tonight. It’s cool in the house and I think I’ll leave the TV off tonight and just snuggle under the covers. It’s cold outside tonight and spitting a little snow. With the clouds hanging over the city it feels like winter. I’d love to have nothing better to do tomorrow then curl up on the couch, listen to Earl Klugh’s “Midnight in San Juan” album and read. I’ve a birthday party in the afternoon. L’s daughter turned 8 today and her party will be tomorrow. I think I have a school’s committee meeting in Denver on Sunday morning… I’ll have to check. I think one of these days after school gets out I might skip a day of work and sneak up to Denver. I have an urge to wander through the Denver Museum of Natural History. I love that place.

In the mid to late 40’s my mother’s family made a trip to California. They came through Denver, and I think that museum is about all my mother remembers of it. It was just the main older center building that was there. She took us there shortly after we moved here in 1975. We used to go at least once a year. My boys have been there a number of times.

Oh my… I am too tired…

Sweet dreams. M.

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