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October 14, 2005 - Friday, 1:35 a.m.

I'm still awake...

It’s after 1:30 am. I want to sleep, but here I sit. I ache every where. It ended up being a ‘girl’s night out’ tonight. I didn’t get home until about 11 pm tonight. I talked to K this morning and she was going to a Candle Lite party after work. She invited me to go with and as I like candles I agreed. We left work just after 5 pm and met D at ‘On the Border’ for some dinner. The party was nice and… surprise… I ordered some things. After we got done at the party, K wanted to go do something so we went down to Maxi’s which is by work. It is at a hotel down there, and definitely is like a club. It was fun to do something, though I’ve have much rather sat and listened to Phil play some place. However, doing something with the ‘girls’ was good for me.

Today was busy again. Just one thing after another up until the moment I got up from my desk and walked out. I have a pile more to do tomorrow. But it was a good week for getting work done. E came by and talked to me today. She asked how the job hunting was going. She is a lady I have talked to on and off at work. I really enjoy her, but haven’t gotten to know her as much as I’d like. She is looking for a new job (VERY seriously). She has her MBA and will probably be gone soon. I really need to go out to lunch with her before she leaves. I know that she would be an awesome person for me to be networked with, plus… I like her. :o) She is very independent and smart. She is good to talk to. It helps to remind me how I really need to be very seriously looking for a new job myself. Looking for a new job is a lot of work, so being reminded is good.

I went to lunch today with L. We had Japanese again. It was good!! It was really nice to visit with her, and just take the break from work. I talked about Phil a lot today, both with L and K. He’s on my mind a lot, but enough about that I guess.

It can’t believe that the weekend is almost here. I have to do my test for my class this weekend. It needs to be turned in by Monday. Gah!! Need to focus.

Here are some flower pictures….

This first group is from my trip to North Dakota this summer.

The second group is from my trip to Phoenix. I’m a sucker for flowers. :o)

I wonder if I can fall asleep now. Sweet dreams. M.

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