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September 23, 2005 - Friday, 3:19 a.m.


This has been a strange week. Iíve been in such an odd mood all week. Perhaps it is the weather. Iíve felt restless and havenít slept wellÖ or at least have had a hard time falling asleep. Itís after 3 am and I am still sitting here. I need to sleep and yet Iím not.

Work has been terribly busy. Two projects have been getting underway, and though we are not doing the design work ourselves, we are spending a lot of time communicating between the die design people and the package design people. It seems my days have been filled with deciphering information and talking to people.

Wednesday, I hiked for just a little over a half hour near the Bear Creek Nature Center. I loved being outside. I really need to do more hiking. Iíve not been doing my workouts at the gym. For some reason I canít seem to get myself to go there. Other then that one hike Iíve not worked out for over a week. I cancelled my sessions with the personal trainer this week. What Iíd really like to do is spend more time outside. I want to get on my bike or walk. I want to be out of the gym. Restlessness has been wide spread in my life this week.

It seems that autumn has crept up on me. Less then a week ago it was still summer, then suddenly just a couple days ago I noticed that the trees in the parking lot at work were beginning to turn yellow. I never can get to use to the overnight change.

I really need to sleep.

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