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September 20, 2005 - Tuesday, 9:42 p.m.

It's just Tuesday...

Guess I learned today that it is best to say something rather than just getting upset. I went to my boss and asked him if he was planning on sending me to the training in Arizona. He explained what he was thinking and why he hadnít planned it that way. He was concerned about having me gone for a week, and worried about how theyíd handle the work without me there. However, he agreed with me on my thinking that really I need to be included in this training. I put in my travel request and it was approved today. That went a long ways towards making me feel better about everything.

We had a big communications meeting late in the day for all the people under our VP. Interestingly enough, Phil sat down with me at it, which surprised me. I didnít sit with anyone from my group, I sat with some friends in another group, and he didnít sit with anyone from his group. I truly canít figure out what goes on in his mind, so best not to dwell on it. The meeting went longer then I thought and then was followed by an unexpected telecon. I missed my workout appointment. Now I am home and am trying to see if I can motivate myself to go to the gym. It isnít happening very fast. Trying to concentrate on the hot tub, but it isnít getting me out of the house yet.

Phil was by to see me Monday morning too. He returned a book (and I gave him one of his back as well) and then he sat and visited with me for about twenty minutes. I am working at taking it all in stride and doing pretty good. Its friendship and I am taking it at face value. D and I went out to lunch yesterday as well. That was very enjoyable.

Tomorrow I do the hike with the group from work, so thatíll be my workout for that day. The garage got cleaned out today. We got rid of all that furniture and stuff. The freezer quit working, so we got rid of it as well. The garage looks amazing and I can get my bike out now, which is great. Unbelievable.

Another hurricane (Rita) is moving into the gulf. It will make category 4 tomorrow. It doesnít look like itíll hit Louisiana; however it will probably increase the tide there. Hope it doesnít add any more damage to an already hurting area.

I need to work on homework, or pay my bills, or go work outÖ and here I sit. Perhaps I am just tired. My mind is racing, and my body lethargic. I just want to crawl into bed, but I am not sure Iíd fall asleep. Iím still fighting that headache from yesterday.

Ruth and Hamp were out to visit Mom and Dad this past week. I went up and saw them Friday night. They are really doing so very good. They both look happy. Ruth and Hamp are at least 10 years older then Mom and Dad, in their eighties somewhere. Hamp had a stroke a number of years ago, and is now is a wheelchair. Ruth still takes care of him, and his mind is very much present and it is so very obvious that they both love each other very much. It is wonderful to see them and know that life can be good always if you focus on the things that are good.

I tried to call L. No answer. I hope sheís doing okay. I want to jump in my car and drive far awayÖ but what I really need to do is go to bed.

Sweet dreamsÖ M.

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