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September 19, 2005 - Monday, 4:17 p.m.

Somethings gotta give...

The weekend slipped by quietly. I really didn’t do much this weekend. I took myself to see “Just Like Heaven” on Saturday afternoon. I really enjoyed the movie. It was definitely a feel good movie. I spent time cleaning house and doing laundry, pretty exciting, eh? I also read and took a couple naps. Better take some deep breaths; I am sure the excitement of it all might give you a heart attack. :o)

::sighs:: One of my co-workers printed out a travel authorization for the first week in October at my printer. Looks like he is going to get additional training on the software that he and I use. Makes me just a little angry that I am not being offered this training. Especially as I know the only additional cost for the training would be my flight and accommodations (as the training is for any number of trainees). Anyway… just a reminder that I need to be very seriously looking for a different job. I found four listings at one company that I think I’ll apply for and they are all local.

I am down one car. Hooray!! Shortly after I got it and replaced the alternator the transmission went. This afternoon I took it to a salvage yard and they put some money in my pocket. Not as much as they will make on parting it out, but enough to pay for some of the repairs I made trying to get it road worthy. One more car to get rid of, and I have someone that wants it, so going to give that one away and we’ll be back down to working vehicles ONLY. Can’t wait.

This day is spiraling downward very quickly. I’m in a terrible mood. I’d skip class except that I really don’t mind it so I might as well go. Will probably go work out after that, might as well.

::sighs:: One of my friends here at work got flowers from her boyfriend today. They’ve only been going out a couple weeks, but he’s liked her for a long time. I give him TWO gold stars for sending her flowers. She’s a sweetie and definitely deserves flowers. He’s a sweet guy and they make such a cute couple. Good job!!

I feel like a whiner today. Sorry about that… tomorrow will be better.


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