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August 22, 2005 - Monday, 10:37 p.m.

Weekend Update...

I learned something interesting on Friday night. Friday was kind of a bad day. I seemed to have bounced back to a depressed state and felt terribly restless. I was home from work only about a half hour when I decided to go to the movies. I headed out of the house with my gym bag and headed to the theatre. I felt somewhat lethargic and sad. I went to see the “Fantastic 4” but the theatre screen wasn’t working, so I ended up seeing “Willie Wonka and the Chocolate Factory”. It was cute, and afterwards I still wasn’t doing well. I knew that I needed to go to the gym, so I somehow got myself to go there. I did my 30 minute cardio work out, a dip in the pool and a soak in the hot tub.

I walked out of the gym feeling pretty optimistic. I’ve often heard that exercising can raise your spirit, but I’d never really experienced it before. I’ve never really worked out properly in my life, from what I can tell. I work MUCH harder in my workouts now then I ever have in my life before. That must make the difference. It awakened an optimism in me that hasn’t passed. I have to hold onto that thought. I need to always remember that working out is a solution to a bad day. It was a good lesson to learn.

I slept well Friday night and woke up Saturday morning, ran some errands, including getting my nails done. Shortly after lunch I headed over to “Snake’s”, the place that I’ve picked to have my tattoo done at. I sat down with Johnny and showed him what I had in mind for my tattoo. He said it was a very good design and made some suggestions for changes that I agreed with. He’ll redraw it and it should be ready by Thursday. I’ll go down and take a look at it. If I like it, then we are ready to go. :o) I am excited about it. I like that it is something that I thought up and that it didn’t just come off of their examples all over the place in their shop. It has meaning to me and that’s important. I’ll have a dragonfly signifying rebirth and renewal. There is also a prairie rose that signifies where I am coming from, my grandmother, the plains, the farm… and some forget-me-nots that signify love and not being forgotten. I like what I came up with and I am pretty sure that I’ll like the changes that Johnny will make. So perhaps this week I’ll get it done!! He says it’ll take about 1 ½ hours to do the design. I’ll keep you posted.

Saturday afternoon I went up to my parents for dinner and games with family. It was really a nice evening. It was going to be Philip’s birthday party, but he had to work, so we just got together instead. I started coming down with a chest cold that night.

Sunday I slept in and then lay around reading in my bed. I am making very good progress on “The White Dragon”. I am over ¾ of the way through it now. Sunday afternoon I headed up to WP for Ruhi. We had dinner first and then after Ruhi I stayed and visited until nearly 10 pm. It was really a nice evening!

I had written to Phil on Friday at work about the books that he gave me, asking if he had the first two books in the series that “The White Dragon” is the third book in. He arrived in my cube this morning at about 10:30 with the 2nd book in the series. He stayed and visited a while and said he’d look for the other book tonight for me. So perhaps he’ll bring that to me tomorrow. He’s set it up to come see me Monday and Tuesday again this week. I find that interesting, but don’t know that it is really significant.
I wrote him an email today and invited him over Wednesday, but as he thinks he might be catching the same cold I have he wants to see how he feels. So it is up in the air. My cold is settling into my head and chest tonight. I am hoping it doesn’t get worse. Class went well tonight. I like my instructor and the class looks interesting. Also, I am pleased to note that he wants the class out by 9 pm. Woo-hoo!! That will make for a much more reasonable length class!! The semester looks to be shaping up well.

I should probably have gone and worked out tonight, but really this cold is wiping me out and sleep is really what I need. I’m already drifting some as I sit here.

I am feeling pretty good tonight mentally… just physically very tired.

Sweet dreams.

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