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August 06, 2005 - 8:46 p.m.

Taking it Easy...

Lake Metigoshe is just north and east of Bottineau, North Dakota, in what is known as the ďTurtle MountainsĒ. From Colorado standards they arenít exactly mountainsÖ however the elevations rises almost 1000 feet from Bottineau to where the lake is, which is quite a bit. They had these cute little signs as I headed up to the lake noting the changing elevations. Here is the one at the end of the road.

There are an incredible amount of cabins along the shoreline. About half of the lake is in Canada, so there is a mixture of American and Canadian cabins around the lake. I guess its man made. They dammed it up some place and filled in the valleys with water. Itís a good sized lake with a number of little inlets with cabins all over the place. There are lots of trees and grassy shorelines. Itís lovely.

Today was a nice quiet day. We went out in the pontoon a couple times. I even got some sun, amazingly enough. Iíll actually go home with some color. I am just not spending much time thinking about anything, I am just in the moment and enjoying it. Itís really been nice to just soak in the sun and gaze into the water, or ponder the cabins along the shoreline, visiting about nothing in particular and just enjoying the break immensely.

However, thoughts of Phil have filtered through my mind a couple times today. Somewhere in the back of my mind I thought about the fact that he should have been on the road most of the day. He should be to Sturgis by now. I hope that the ride went well. Heís not ridden that far before. Am sure itíll be a long day and that heíll be tired once heís gotten there. I am still planning to go through Sturgis on my way home on Monday. Iíve never been through there in all the years I have been through the area during the Sturgis rally. I have no expectation of running into Phil as it would be pretty freaky if I did. Pretty much the odds of hooking up with someone there, that you havenít made specific plans with, is almost impossible. There are just too many places to be and far too many people. But, ya know, I want to see the show. Seems I skip Ďthe showí a lot in my life. Not going to this time. If Iíve learned anything from this experience with Phil itís that I donít want to miss stuff. Iím going to just do it. Iíve skipped far too much in my life thinking I canít or I shouldnít or out of fear. Not doing that if I can help it any more.


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