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July 12, 2005 - Tuesday, 7:10 p.m.


It rained this afternoon. I was sitting at my desk and could hear that is was pouring outside. I thought, ďWonderful, now itíll cool down.Ē It had been warm outside when I sat out there and read at lunch today. However, the rain only succeeded in making it muggy out. When I walked outside at 5 pm the sky was clear and it was sunny, and the ground was drenched, but rapidly drying. Itís been a busy week at work. Iíve been working on a package design and itís taken up most of the last two days. Itís coming together well, which is good as we have another design we are going to have to start in the next day or so and only one license of the design software.

I know Phil told me that heíd try to write me email while he was gone, but I was still pleased and surprised to get an email yesterday. His vacation is going well and heís having a good time. I was even more surprised to find another email this morning. :o) I am still just coasting along, not expecting too much, hoping for the best, but still very much at peace with which ever way this whole thing goes.

Iím about 70 pages into ďAngels & DemonsĒ. I am very much enjoying it. I went to bed REALLY late last night. Nearly one and was up around 6:30 this morning, so am running down rapidly. I have that study circle at Maryís tonight. We are working on a book that I canít recall the name of at the moment, but it is about communication and consultation. Itís enjoyable. Believe it or not I am the youngest of the group. :o) Maryís about 10 years older then me, and then the other two ladies are around my motherís age. Itís an interesting group, and really an enjoyable visit.

Itís terribly hot in the house tonightÖ I took a shower and that definitely helped to cool me off. Of course I am going to have to put on jeans and such to go to Maryís. Itís still in the upper 80ís. I hope it is MUCH cooler by the time I get home and think about going to sleep. I was going to go to the gym tonight, but I think Iíll go tomorrow night. I am going to try to get some sleep tonight.

Iíve written a couple emails to Tim at work. One saying if he needed to talk that I was available to listen and then another today about the books he loaned me and that I figure heíll enjoy ďAngels & DemonsĒ. Either Iíve freaked him out or made him uncomfortable because heís been very quiet. Ah wellÖ I just really have thought a lot about his daughter and could tell that he really needed to talk. Perhaps I was out of line, but was just trying to be nice. It was a friendly outreachÖ so totally his choice. Just am sorry if I made him uncomfortable. Iíll just add her to my prayers and hope for the best for her.

Itís time to head over to Maryís.

LaterÖ M.

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