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April 30, 2005 - Saturday, 2:23 p.m.

Thinking, thinking, thinking...

Thinking about life. Thinking about death. Thinking, thinking, thinking. I ím tired. Itís been dreary the last couple of days, almost looks like winter. Spring is still in the air, but the mood is winter like. It sets the mood donít you think? I spent my first day home sleeping. Thursday I worked all day and then spent some of the evening working on homework. Moon and I watched the end of ďUnder the Tuscan SunĒ. Weíd watched half the night before. Itís a slice of life/crossroads movie. I like the movie.

Friday, in between working and homework my mind wanders a lot, contemplating life and my purpose. Iím tired of school. Not surprising as we come up on the last couple weeks of the semester. What do I want? Iíve been thinking a lot about that.

Itís already Saturday. Iíve worked at writing the last couple of days, but never strung together more then a couple sentences. It is still winter. I am about finished with the booklet for Management. Still need to finish up the take home test for Finance. I am seriously thinking that I will go into work tomorrow afternoon and just sit at my desk and finish it there. Easier to sit at my desk and work on the computer then here, especially in Excel.

My mother and father came by a little while ago to exchange vehicles with me. I got my car back. Mom is glad to be home. We talked about what she is going to make for dinner for Peggyís 75th birthday. Looks like that party will be Friday at Mom and Dadís. I am glad that Peggy is coming here for that. I know she doesnít much want to celebrate, but itís good for herÖ and all of us. Itís good to get together for happy occasions. Seems like that is a common theme at funerals, so many mention how it is sad that we donít get together more often.

On the other hand, three of my sisters and I are getting together again tonight to play Scrabble at Barnes & Noble. Itís becoming a ritual. The more we get together, the more we WANT to get together. We just sit and visit, drink coffee, and play Scrabble. Not terribly exciting, but even as it is happening I know how very special it is, and how lucky we are to have the time and proximity to get together. How lucky we are to have this time in our life when we can get together so often and how blessed we are that we enjoy each other so much. Moments and time weíll treasure all of our lives.

Iíve taken some pictures with my camera.

From the end of my street, looking at Colorado Springs. April 2005

Curtis, Me & Philip on the steps at Grandmaís farm on the day of the funeral. April 25th, 2005.

Standing by the house at the farm looking out towards Simcoe Elevator. April 25th, 2005.

Sunset north of Fort Collins, as we drove home April 26th, 2005.

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