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April 12, 2005 - Tuesday, 1:53 p.m.

April Snows

Like most of the weekends recently, this last one went by very quickly. Two of Lynn’s kids were down to spend some of the weekend with me. They arrived Friday afternoon and hung out with my niece. I picked them all up at the park at about 6 pm including Megan’s two retrievers. We were quite a sight, the four of us and two big dogs, in my Saturn SC-1. Megan and Ian were practicing batting. Megan was pitching. Jazz was standing with them, but she told me as soon as I walked up that she was waiting for a push on the swing. I practiced some batting and then we went and swung on the swings. Megan must have worn out the kids. Jazz fell asleep watching “Willy Wonka” and Ian watched a movie with Megan and Moon. After the movie (and my ‘nap’) Ian let me know that he wanted to go home with Megan, so I got up and took them over to her house at about 10 pm.

Saturday morning we were up and out of the house by about 10 am. We went to Wal-Mart, as Jazz wanted a ‘new outfit’. I think I’ve set precedence. “Visit me, get a new outfit”. :o) She was very excited about her choices and couldn’t wait to change into them. (We had to do that in the parking lot at Wal-Mart.) Then we were off to the park again to meet Megan, Ian and Kevin. Again it was batting practice, and again I took my turn. Must have been about 15 years since the last time I picked up a baseball bat and swung at a ball. I didn’t do too bad actually!! It was a beautiful day. After the park we came home with lunch for Kevin and ourselves. Kevin came and hung all the doors in the basement and put up the trim. Woo-hoo!! We’ve got doors!! Moon and I had already painted the bedroom, and then Friday Moon painted the big room. We are ALMOST done.

Jazz was wandering around Saturday afternoon wondering what we were going to do next, when L called with extra tickets to “Disney on Ice”. Ian went to Megan’s and… Whoosh!! Off we went to meet them at the World Arena. It was a very cute show and Jasmine has a great time!! We ate cotton candy and snow cones, which made an AWFUL mess. The show was over by about 5:30 and we headed home. Lynn had called, forecast of a massive snowstorm had her worried and we agreed to meet in Monument at about 8:30 pm or so. I had the task of breaking the news to the kids. Jazz and I went over to Camille’s to get Ian and they were eating dinner. Jazz joined in and we headed back to my house shortly there after. Ian was VERY bummed to be going home and had a hard time not crying. Jasmine actually took it pretty good. We played Yahtzee again when we got home (we’d played it Friday night as well). We were getting ready to head to Monument when Jazz noted that I’d worn ‘THOSE’ shoes ALL weekend. She then suggested that NEXT time she comes to stay that I need to wear ‘THESE” shoes. She was standing there holding one of my heels that I wear to work. She was dead serious… it was hilarious!

We met at McDonald’s in Monument. I let the kids climb in the play area until Lynn arrived. We sat and visited a little then both went our own ways. I stopped at the grocery store on the way home and got home about 10:30 pm. The storm was slated to start at about 3 am. The wind picked up and blew all night, but the first snow flakes fell about 5 am. For once the weather forecaster was actually right!! We got about 4 to 6 inches of snow in my yard, and it snowed and the wind blew all day (a blizzard even!). Our temperature hovered at freezing and the streets tended to stay wet to some degree. However, WP got over 2 feet of snow, and Castle Rock got about a foot or so. They closed the high way between here and Lynn’s so it was good the kids went home.

Sunday I worked on Finance and cleaned the living room most of the day. Believe it or not, Sunday evening about 8:30 pm I went over to Wal-Mart (only to find that is was the ONLY Wal-Mart in town open) and picked up another gallon of paint, some brushes and an edger. Moon, Justin and I painted the stair well and bottom of the stairs. It’s the same color as the living room “Yellow Sand” and looks GREAT!! We painted trim as well. The basement project is truly at completion. Carpet will be laid on Thursday and then VOILA!! They can move in. What a long haul this has been!! I’ll post pictures on Friday night (most likely). They are very excited about getting settled and I look forward to getting the house back into order. The weather is beautiful today. Sun shining and it is nearly 60 degrees out!!

This day is slipping by. Tonight I’ll do the patching of the floor in the basement in preparation for carpet installation. Also, Halfie (our cat) is slated to be de-clawed on Friday! She is ALWAYS sharpening those claws or climbing SOMETHING... including the curtains. New furniture arrives on Friday and we want the claws gone before she gets a chance to get at them.

The cat population has shifted again… or perhaps I noted it before. Just thinking about it now. Halfie is the only cat in the house to any extent any more. Stubby is outside almost all the time now. She sleeps in the garage with Tigger (or “Ma” as I call her). She rarely comes in the house unless I open the garage door and basement door at the same time, then she’ll SHOOT down stairs and sleep in the room where Phil stays when he is home. I set up the doors that way when it gets really cold outside. I’m down to three cats total. I miss Mao. Outdoor cats just don’t live as long as house cats. But I am a sucker for letting them outside. They like to roll in the dirt and chase moths. And so eventually I let them out. Halfie’s saving grace is that she doesn’t like to be outside very long.

I like to imagine that Mao… and Hunter… and PJ all picked new owners and I think that most of the time, as the option is they became “fox food”. ::shudders:: I’d like to replace Mao… I’d really like another orange tabby male. I adored Hunter and Mao both… probably my favorite cats so far. But, we really don’t need another cat. However, I am open to it, and probably will get a kitten again soon. :o)

I'm not sleeping at night like I should. I stay up far too late. I'm just restless or something. Have been playing a little GS in the middle of the night. Last night I was playing and a couple of my characters get to a spot and we are trying to 'swim' out of the area. However, most of the commands would prompt back 'How are you going to do that?', except the RIGHT command which prompted back nothing. I'm typing the commands over and over again when suddenly I get a 'Good Evening'. I type LOOK at see that a GM is standing there. He says, 'I don't know what you are doing, but 'it's' screaming at us.' I guess the code in that room is 'broken' and was making itself known to the employees. He 'manually' moved me to the next room and said they'd get on fixing that 'bug'. I worked on homework, played GS and then watched... can you guess?... Why.. yes... Voyager. I'm in to Seaon 6 again. Was nearly 2 am when I fell asleep.

I want to get up earlier in the morning, so need to revisit my 'schedule'. If you can call what my day looks like 'scheduled' by any STRETCH of the imagination.

Back to work... M.

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