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April 05, 2005 - Tuesday, 4:36 p.m.

Wind and Rain...

Itís windy today. Really windy. There is Ďweatherí happening all around us. There was an inch an hour of snow falling at my sisterís in Castle Rock and nearly a foot on the ground and still snowing in Woodland Park at another sisterís house. This morning is was overcast and rainy here in the Springs. The wind is blowing the clouds away and now it is partly cloudy and still raining here and there around town. Itís a spring snowstorm, always a good amount of moisture. No one can really complain about the moisture. All chances of a snowstorm that keeps us home from work are rapidly passing. Iím afraid Iíve just picked the wrong place to live if I want to get snowed in a couple times a winter.

We are definitely slipping into SpringÖ and rain. Thunderstorms are forecast. I found an article here which says the following:

Wild Weather
Located against the eastern slope of the Rocky Mountains, Colorado Springs is known for being one of the most active and severe weather regions in the United States. Lightning, high winds, snow and rain are constants, which make predicting and reporting the weather a challenge. To the surprise of some, Colorado Springs has more thunderstorms per year than any other city in the United States.

Tesla picked this spot to conduct research for that very reason., along with access to the power station here. We have some of the most amazing lightening storm youíve ever seen. Hundreds of ground strikes within the city can happen with a single summer storm.

School is going good, but I am realizing that I am really starting to get tired of going to school. It isnít that it isnít interesting; itís just that it takes up so much time, and requires that I remain focused all the time. I am constantly letting days slide by and then suddenly realizing that something is due, like TOMORROW. Eep!! We only have a few weeks left of the semester. In about 2 weeks weíll get our take home test for Finance and then a few weeks after that is the Final. In my Management class we have a project due at the beginning of May. Itís winding down. And then I am hoping to take the Ďcapstoneí class for three weeks ending June 10th. Itíll be 4 days a week for a couple hours a night. I am going to be burned out by June 10th, but then will be completely in the home stretch for my MBA. Unbelievable. It has gone by so fast!!

Feeling restless again. I donít know if itís the weather or whatÖ perhaps just my stress level. The desire to just find a nice shady spot on a warm, sunny day is almost overwhelming. Iíd just sit there in with the sun warming my toes, and a glass of ice water in one hand. Iíd just lean back and listen to the wind in the chimes and absorb the quiet calm. Perhaps get up now and then and weed a little and water a little, and then go back and just take in the day. Right behind that is the desire to sit in a comfy chair in the living room on a rainy day. Iíd open all the doors and windows and listen to the rainfall with something playing quietly on the CD player in the background. Either of these activities would promote a great calm in me.

I donít know if I mentioned it, but Iíve been taking my BP pretty frequently lately and have come to realize that my blood pressure ranges all over the place. In the middle of the night it is pretty normal, even when I wake up in the morning it is in an acceptable range. When I take my BP right after getting home from work itís high. The other night I came home and my BP was like 153/98. I took a hot bath and relaxed and took my BP again, only about 1-Ĺ hours had passed and it was like 125/71. What a HUGE difference! It would appear that stress really does play a pretty significant factor in my high blood pressure. I guess I should have realized that when I suddenly had high blood pressure about 7 months after Gary and I separated, and then the fact that doctors have never been able to pinpoint the reason for my high blood pressure. On a similar note, I seem to have a very slow and steady pulse. It never seems to vary very far from about 58 beats a minutes. Thatís less then one heart beat a second.

Boring, aye? Ya, well my life has that cadence to it. Normal, quiet, mostly uneventfulÖ itís really quite nice.

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