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April 03, 2005 - Sunday, 7:53 a.m.


The weekend has been beautiful. Given a choice I'd be out in the yard working in the dirt. Don't know that I'll get to that this weekend, though if I was smart I just get out there after lunch and get the last flower bed cleaned out. Friday night Moon and I painted in the bathroom. It is looking pretty good. That little room took nearly a gallon of paint. The texturing sucked up WAY more paint then I thought it would. I called Kevin to borrow his sprayer (to unload the remaining 7 gallons of primer) and he came over about 9:30 and we got the rest of the paint on the walls in short order.

We wandered over to L's after that (after 11 pm) to see her new place. It's a cute little bungalow, not too far from where she is currently living. There is a lot of space and she is very excited about it. There is work to do there, but she is looking forward to it.

Saturday morning I tromped back to the basement and touched up in the bathroom and then Moon and I started painting in their new bedroom. The morning passed quickly. Lynn came down from Castle Rock and we ran out and got our nails done, went to lunch and then over to Walmart. Before we knew it, it was 3 in the afternoon! Then up to Mom and Dad's for Mariah's and my birthday party. Char made the meal, Mexican, and it was excellent! We visited and ate food. I got some wonderful gifts. Birthdays are so fun!! We headed home just after 9 pm, knowing that we were going to have to 'spring forward' this morning, losing an hour of sleep.

I still have homework to do!! and the house is falling into disarray. There is NEVER enough time!! Moon works this afternoon (we have Ruhi this morning). I guess I'll come home, clean out the flower bed and FORCE myself to sit down and do my finance homework. Gah!! Was hoping to paint more. Moon and Justin have decided that the green we picked and painted in their bedroom needs to be darker, so we'll pick up another gallon of paint and try to do that perhaps Monday night after I get home from class.

The house is driving me crazy!! I need to fold laundry and clean up the main floor. But when!?! ::sighs:: Will probably clean up my room tonight, the disarrary is starting to affect my ability to think. It isn't relaxing for sure.

Halfie is curled up on the bed next to me. She was purring loudly a few minutes ago, but now she is peacefully sleeping. She is adorable like this, but mostly she is driving me crazy by wanting to go outside and then 10 minutes later wanting to come back inside. Most of the time with cats you'd never KNOW that they want to come back in the house, but Halfie jumps up to my window ledge and CLIMBS my screen on my window. That makes me crazy!!! She is ruining it. I keep thinking I'll take her into the vet and get her declawed, but so far I haven't made THAT happen.

The sun is shining and it is time to get ready for the drive up to WP for Ruhi.

Hoping to post some pictures on the basement project tonight. We are SOOOooo in the homestretch on this. Carpet to be laid NEXT week, I hope and then the FOLLOWING weekend we'll have Moon's birthday party with Kevin and show it off. :o)

Off to the races!!


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