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March 31, 2005 - Thursday, 12:26 a.m.

March - Out like a Lion

Honestly, I want to sleep, but I can't. It's been a busy week. It was a lovely weekend. I got to work in the yard, and Sunday was my birthday. We worked in the basement, and then I spent the afternoon and evening at my parents with a bunch of my family. It was a really good birthday. Monday I took the day off from work and enjoyed more time in the yard.

Tuesday dawned with rumors of layoffs. Wednesday dawned with layoffs. They didn't touch my group today, but I heard the numbers, 150 by the time they are over tomorrow morning. Camille, Justin and I made it fine. Tonight Kyle got laid off.


I really wanted us to slip by unscathed. That was the plan. It's what I thought. I thought we'd be okay. I am glad that he's at home, and I am sure he'll find something else. However, it is still unsettling. I don't like layoffs. I don't like that they told us that they'd do shutdowns so they wouldn't have to do layoffs and then 3 days after the shutdown they have a layoff. What's up with THAT?!?

Monday I did my blood work for the potassium and iron levels in my blood. Potassium level came back STILL at 3.0. It isn't climbing fast enough. The Dr stopped my meds and switched them to something new. I'm taking my own BP now and it is staying high. I'll give it a few more days and then he'll need to do something else. Grrr... no word on the iron level yet. I've had a headache for a couple days now. Nothing is working for it, and I'm getting a sore throat. ::grumbles:: Getting sick isn't on my agenda. (Like I could plan it!)

Still behind on school work. I need to work on my Finance... I need to have my assignment done by Sunday night. ::sighs:: I need to get painting done this weekend as well... and Saturday Mariah and I will have our birthday party together up at Mom and Dad's. It's going to be a busy week. Still working the APD software at work. I'm enjoying the challenge of it.

I got my birthday gift from Justin and Moon on Sunday. They got me roses and two books. One book is for recording family history. I love it!! The other is a book called "Writing from Within - A Guide to Creativity and Life Story Writing" What a great book!! I've already started reading it. I really like it. Moon has good ideas!! I also got a gift card to "Media Play" from Philip. Like I said before, it was a good birthday.

Monday was a nice day... Tuesday rainy... cloudy Wednesday and snowing Wednesday night... (and NOW)... we've got about an inch on the ground and a forecast of up to 7 inches by tomorrow... but then by Friday in the 60's and 70's into the weekend. It's going to be lovely. What a strange week!! If we really get this storm tomorrow... then March will have come in like a lamb and gone out like a lion. The opposite of the saying. :o)

I really need to try to get some sleep. I have an update to the "John Charles Kaylor" entry a few entries ago... will post that shortly. Wonderful to have my Mother reviewing stuff for me.

Sweet dreams!!

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