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March 22, 2005 - Tuesday, 11:59 p.m.

Spring Break... Ho!

Today, Grandma Shipman turned 101!! Amazing! Mom, Dad & Maureen were there. I talked to my Mom tonight. She said about 30 people came for the party. Grandma was tired, but seemed to enjoy it. Would have loved to be there, but didn't happen this year.

It looks to be a very busy “Spring Break”. I’ve already filled it will all SORTS of things… fun things.

Friday night I went up to Char’s. A friend of ours from when we were kids was up to visit. He’s been deaf since he was about 4 or 5. He had spinal meningitis; I guess he was lucky to live. He’s a UNIX programmer and a nice guy. We watched movies and he taught Dakotah, Char and I some sign language. We watched “The Incredibles” and “Troy”, both were good but very different.

I stayed overnight at Char’s and she brought home by about noon on Saturday. I cleaned out the fish tanks and then drove up to Broomfield/Lafayette to meet Roberta for dinner and a movie. We met at the Flat Iron Crossing Mall. What a beautiful mall!! It was very enjoyable! We sat and visited in the café court and then wandered down to the AMC theatre and watched “Finding Neverland”. I really enjoyed the movie!! I hadn’t seen it and was pleasantly surprised.

After the movie I headed back home. There is something very compelling about driving at night. I like it. The stream of red lights drawing me home, the stream of white lights coming towards me, snaking through the city. Somehow the twinkle of the city lights just draws me. It’s almost magical. The lights of the city beckon; they make a place seem so inviting. How many times have I driven though an unknown city in the middle of the night? Lincoln and Omaha stick in my mind as the highway seems to go right through the middle of town. I like ANY town at night. My mind wandered and I thought about traveling and how much I enjoy it. I like the night.

I got home late Saturday night, but was up early and into devotions at the Center by about 9:45 am. After devotions I went over to Walmart. I got a new leaf rake and bought some new garden hand tools and herb seeds to start indoors. My BIG plans… gardening!! The day was lovely and the dirt called me. I cleared out all the flower beds in the back yard and got the bulbs I got from Maqui for Ayyám’í’Há all planted. Justin and Kyle went to Walmart and picked up bark and mulch for me and I put it down in the backyard only, so far. I spent most of the afternoon in the yard. I loved it. I didn’t know if I’d find time to get to it, but managed. I put together my two dishes for the potluck. At 6 pm we all headed to the “Naw Ruz” celebration. The Fast is over and the New Year begun!! It was REALLY fun to have ALL my boys there with me. Camille and Char’s families were there as well. What a fun evening!!

Yesterday was a busy day at work. I’m still ‘playing’ with the APD software. It quickly filled the day. Lynn pulled together a Spur of the Moment “Sisters Evening”. Char, Lynn and I met at “Joe’s Crab Shack”. Dinner was wonderful, and then we headed over to “Barnes & Noble”, got a table in the “Starbucks” and the four of us (including Camille who met us there) played a couple games of “Scrabble”. What a delightful evening!! We’ve decided we need to meet at least ONCE a month.

Today was another busy day for me, working with the APD software. I managed to FINALLY get the oil changed on my car AND set up the measuring for the carpet for the basement during lunch. Looks like the basement SHOULD be done by the end of NEXT week. I’ll be SOOoo happy to be done!! This evening I joined L at her church. She wanted me to come meet her group. We played “Bunco”. It was a fun game and I had a nice evening. My week ahead is busy as well. Tomorrow is clear as far as I know. Thursday morning is our meeting with the hospital team and then dinner with Debi, I believe that on Friday I am going to join Megan and Camille at the movies for much ‘lunch’. I have a three day weekend. Going to try to enjoy it… and hopefully squeeze in some study time for school.

I am beyond tired.


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