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March 15, 2005 - Tuesday, 7:00 p.m.

Beautiful Pikes Peak

It was one of those beautiful mornings in Colorado. I was up early today, and out the door and headed for work by about 6:30 am. Grey and cloudy to the east, but the sun was up and headed for the top of the cloudbank. However, to the west it was pristine clear with only a few clouds, and a gorgeous covering of snow on the Peak, and the sun was shining there. It was a good day to be up early and into work. The roads weren't great, but got to work without any problems.

This is a month of extremes in the weather. Saturday morning I worked on my homework in my room. I opened up the windows and the curtains. It was over 70 degrees out. More then anything I would have loved to go work in the yard, but it wasn't to be. I just enjoyed the spring like breeze and the sunlight streaming in the windows. I then headed out into my day about noontime, and ended up in Castle Rock at Lynn's for the early March birthdays. It was a wonder party and then I stayed there for the night as we had a meeting in Denver at 8 am. During the night it snowed like crazy and there was about 5 inches of snow on the ground when we woke up. Despite the weather, I climbed into Char and Donny's car and we braved our way to mid-town Denver. Eep!! We saw at least three multiple car crashes in the southbound lanes. (There were only a couple of slide-offs and rollovers in the northbound). Ugh!! Lots of smashed cars (like 15!!) and terrible traffic jams, but we arrived safe and sound at the Denver Bahá'í Center on Bayaud. We had our meeting and headed home about 11:30 am. Roads were clear by then and just wet. Good traveling all the way home.

I spent the afternoon working on my bills. Gah!! I hate doing bills, but am SOOOoo glad when I get done. :o) I never did get back to homework that day, and actually crawled into bed about 8:15 pm and was asleep within a half hour. I have been trying to give into the sleepiness more recently. Having found out that I am anemic and working on correcting that, I have tried to be more tolerant of my need for sleep and allowing myself to get the sleep. I am feeling so much better after a week or so of 10+ hours of sleep each night. Gonna get there.

Mom, Dad and Maureen are leaving for North Dakota today. Grandma turns 101 a week from today. Hard to believe!! Dad spent the last couple of days at my house working on the basement bathroom. We now have a functional shower/tub AND toilet. Woo-hoo!! Now we just need a door, some texturing paint and sink installation and we are done with it!! What a long project this has been. I'll take picture when it is all done.

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