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February 22, 2005 - Tuesday, 12:00 p.m.

Well.. Hello!!

February has nearly slipped away. I never meant to be gone so long, but a lot has been going on. I did my first weekend of training. Interesting. Not sure what I think of it all. Am still stewing on it some. However, I have taken on a lot in my life. Last week I dragged myself down to a salon and got a facial and a new haircut. WowÖ what a big difference! Iíve gotten nothing but positive feedback, and THAT is wonderful. Also went out and bought some more professional clothing. Changing my image here at work, and the bosses are wondering whatís up. Itís a good thing.

After living a lifetime of no schedules, Iíve set up a schedule that I am working to keep. The biggest part being that I am getting up EARLY in the morning. Like 5 am! GAH!! I am getting up, showering, getting ready for work, saying my prayers and checking my email and still managing to get to work by 7 am. That feels good, no matter how hard it is to get up that early in the morning. That is the piece of my schedule that Iíve been able to actually do. I tried to define more of my day, but my schedule is all over the place. School, work, commitments outside of work, I was hoping to sit down a few days a week and have dinner at my kitchen table. Didnít happen even ONE time last week. I also had slated 1 hour of study time and 1 hour writing dailyÖ neither of those happened either. Some how I have to streamline my day. The morning was easier then I thought it would be.

This week it is my intent to set up a schedule with my family for things around the house, like cleaning, to more fairly distribute that work. Iíll have to find time to sit down with them. I did finish up the tile work last week, which is good. Justin talked to Kevin last week and he should be by today to work on the windows. Then weíll be able to concentrate on taping and texturing. Itíll be so good to get that basement project done. Once Justin and Moon are moved down there the upstairs will need to be gone through and organized. I am looking forward to getting control of the house again.

School is going fine. I have a Finance midterm next Monday and am worried about it some. Am hoping Iíll find time to get some studying done.

Itís a dreary, gloomy day, and I love it. I wish it would snow about three feet and I was snowed in at home. I could clean, read some, bake cookies and just peer out the window and dream dreams of days long past. Itís been far too long since the weather kept me home.

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