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January 14, 2005 - Friday, 1:58 a.m.

Games, Thoughts and Hugs

The day went quickly at work. The seminar was good tonight. Lots to ponder. We did so many things tonight that just made me think. It's a lot to absorb. Still trying to let it soak in. We ended the night with a game, and once over got a pretty stern talking to, and was told to remain silent for one hour and then write about how we played the game and how it mirrored out life.

It was painful. So much to really reflect upon. I think I'll keep most of it to myself. However, it was terribly hard to be silent as I gave Mark a ride home. We managed to say very little beyond what needed to be said, like directions to his house. Mark really only said one thing. He said “I have to say, I feel terrible.” I replied with, “We have a lot to think about.” The only other thing I really said was, “I need a hug.” He gave me a good hard hug, which I returned. He also kissed me on the side of my neck while he was hugging me. It was a long night, a lot of stuff talked about and thought about. I needed a hug bad, and I wanted that hug to be from him. It was brave of me to speak my mind and tell him that. Outside of my comfort zone. It was exactly what I needed. Though a much longer hug would have helped more, it wouldn't have been practical. It was just the right amount of intimacy and support. It felt really nice.

I kept silent for my hour and then wrote up my thoughts on the game. Gah!!

Thank you, Mark, for the hug.


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