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January 12, 2005 - Wednesday, 4:30 p.m.

Boys and Kids

Snow today. They didnít do a very good job of forecasting it. Or perhaps I donít watch the weather enough. Either way I was surprised to find it was snowing pretty hard this morning when I left for work. Itís a light, powdery snow, but the temps are a little too warm, so anything that isnít cool enough is melting whatever falls on it. The roads are wet and the lawns and vehicles have a thin layer of snow on them.

Went to lunch with L today. We were going to eat Italian and then shifted to Chinese at the last moment. Iím about Ďchinesedí out on food. However, it was a nice visit. Lís finances are a mess and Iím going to try to help her get organized. Hopefully Iíll be able to set up something that sheíll manage to follow. We talked a lot about that. We talked about the boys too.

Itís interesting to watch your kids grow and change. I come out of a family where most of the men in my life liked babies and kids.

In my world, men love babies and kids. My father was always comfortable with babies and kids, even more so then my mother, when they got married. Thatís just the way I thought men were, until I got married. Gary wasnít a baby person. He didnít like to hold the boys when they were babies. By the time Curt was born heíd finally gotten comfortable enough to hold a baby, but he missed that with Justin and Philip. As my boys and my sistersí boys have grown up Iíve seen the difference. My boys never were too comfortable with babies and kidsÖ really Curtis was the only one (note... he was the only one held much by his own dad). Most all of my sistersí boys like babies and kids and are always holding them or playing with them. I always loved living in a world where men were into kids and wondered what it would be like for my boys that seemed so distant.

When I went to Chicago and brought L home she lived with me for about a year. G was only about 3 at the time. My boys were a little stand-offish. But G decided that she liked Philip and she was all over him; crawling on his lap, hugging him, kissing him. Eventually he got more and more comfortable with it. G is now 7 and she continues to adore Philip, and he is really good with her. He seems to be very comfortable with babysitting her, and just having her around. In that same time my sisterís boys have come to adore him. Always asking if he is going to be present at family get-togethers. Justin started to change after he got married. Moon adores babies and kids and itís rubbing off on him. These two boys had an advantage that Gary never got. Kids in their faces, a forced interaction with kids, until they were comfortable. I can see now that theyíll all make great parents. Theyíll be far more comfortable with babies then their father ever was. Itís good to see.

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