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January 01, 2005 - Saturday, 9:00 a.m.

Happy New Year, 2005!

Itís hard to believe but 2004 has drawn to a close and 2005 has dawned. Itís a windy, windy New Year. The chimes are singing loud and clear. It must be a warm wind as the temp is already approaching 50. Iím awake early this morning, though still tired and achy. I really want to get the grouting done this morning, but not ready to face the day quite yet.

Last night Moon and Justin made Hot Pot for dinner. It was really good. My whole family was here, and Kyle, Maqui and Maleah joined us. Moon wasnít happy with the results. It wasnít as good as she recalled from home, however we were all pleased with it. About 9:30 I headed over to Lís and we opened Christmas gifts. I really liked everything that I got. L got me a Lord of the Rings throw blanket, a hummingbird pull for the ceiling fan in my room and a really nice pair of amethyst earrings. G got me some lotion that she shopped for all on her own and picked out for me.

2004 was a great year, so very much happened, marriages, babies, The Lake Trip and school, everything a success. Time wise I am halfway through my MBA, class wise, I am well over halfway. Only 6 more classes to go until I am done Ė 5 this year and 1 in the spring of 2006 and I am done.

What has 2005 got in store for me, I wonder. When December dawned I thought perhaps a relationship, but as it drew to a close I decided that probably wasnít true. At the beginning of the year I thought the basement project would be done halfway through the year, but as the year came to a close I now know that itíll be done by the end of January. It will be good to have that accomplished.

I have two classes this spring, both with Dan. Then Iíll take a short interim class, again with Dan between the spring and summer semesters. I take the summer off. Yeah!! Then Iíll take two classes in the fall, one with Dan. The spring of 2006 Iíll take one class, without Dan and then graduate!! Amazing!! I canít believe how well grad school has gone. Much better then I dreamed.

Work is hanging in there. I am hoping just a little that maybe Iíll get a promotion to engineer this year. I think it is a dream, but really feel that is what theyíll need to do to have any hope of me staying around once I am done with my degree. To afford the loan payments I am going to have to be making much better money then I currently am. Really I am very happy with my job, just not my pay. Hereís hoping for a good year on the career track of my life.

Hoping my health will continue to get better this year and that Iíll find more time to work on strengthening my back (of course thatís what I hoped LAST year). Iíd still like to drop another 25 lbs, AT LEAST. Just need to get focused on that part of things. One good thing will be to stop eating breakfast in the cafeteria every morningÖ and maybe I am finally ready to think about eating salads again. Weíll see.

Didnít get as much done on my Ďspiritualityí last year as Iíd hoped I would, but I did start Ruhi, which was a definite move in the right direction. I am enjoying it a lot and it will be ongoing most of this year.

As for a love-life, no real expectations this year, but really pretty content with all the other stuff I have in the works. Certainly wonít be Ďlookingí for love in the coming year.

Ack!! I am stiff today, but really need to get going on the grouting before I donít feel like doing anything. :o)

LaterÖ M.

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