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December 30, 2004 - Thursday, 7:29 p.m.

Tile Project Underway!!

My vacation is almost over!! I got some of the cleaning done in the laundry room earlier this week. Probably as much as Iíll do until the other rooms are done. Didnít hear from Mark so called him on Monday, he was working the garage job in Penrose. Said heíd call me later in the week. I called him Wednesday, and he said heíd be over on Thursday to help. Thatís today. He called this morning about 7:45 am and said he wasnít feeling too well how about Friday? I said sure, no problem, and then spent my day working in the basement.

Iíd called Steve (a friend from work) and asked if I could use his wet saw Wednesday. He said sure thing and told me to meet him at work this morning to pick it up. Met him there and got the saw and talked to him about the tiling. He told me to do the first row along the tub. Get it level and let it dry over night. Said it will make tomorrow much easier. So I went home and got that done. Then Justin helped me mix up the self-leveling stuff for the bathroom floor. We chipped off some old stuff and plugged up the opening under the tub, and then poured the concrete stuff. It spread out on the floor about like it was cake batter. It worked like a charm!! It looks gorgeous. We had to do another 50lb bag late this afternoon, but itís ready now!! I also worked at patching the concrete in the main room down there. Not going to worry about beauty, as we are going to cover it up with carpet anyway.

It was a long day and I am tired. I was disappointed about Mark. Iíd love his help, but I am not going to beg him or make him come over to help. He is free to come if he wants. Iíll finish up the wall tile for sure tomorrow, with or without his helpÖ maybe even the floor tile. Fact of the matter is that I donít HAVE to have the help. I am perfectly capable of doing it myself. Have done most things by myself so far. I just thought it would be nice to have the help. He may be just one of those guys that you have to PUSH to do stuff, but frankly I have enough of THAT type of a relationship with my kids. Iím tired of pushing people to accomplish things. Itís enough work to motivate myself to accomplish things. Once I am ready to go, I just want to get it done. This hurry up and wait crap is for the birds. I got up early this morning, got dressed the whole shebang, just to be called and requested to be excused from working today. I wasnít going to let another day pass. I waited ALL week to get this done and tomorrow is Friday. Itíll get done. I have too much other stuff to do to keep waiting for help. I wasted away most of my time off this week. Ah wellÖ if I get the tile work done by the time I go back to work on Monday, Iíll be doing well. Next week Iíll work on finishing up the taping, so we can think about doing the texturing next weekend. Would be great if we could get the painting done too!! Iíd love to have the carpet laid the week after next. Justin and Moon have ordered their bed, so really am pushing myself to get this all done.

Iíll be back to work on Monday, but not back to school for about three more weeks. I was real proud of myself today that I just put down my head and accomplished as much as I did.

L asked me to come over tonight and hang out. Is just what I am going to do!

Later GatorÖ. M.

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