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December 22, 2004 - Wednesday, 8:36 p.m.

Winter Wonders

Snow. This storm snuck up on me. Someone mentioned last night that it was snowing, and I looked out the window, saw a dusting of snow, yawned and went to bed. I was really surprised to wake up this morning and find over 5 inches of snow on the ground. The roads were slippery and the cars covered with snow. My expectation was that having snowed last night, the system would drift out and the sun would return. However, even by the afternoon it was still overcast and snowing. It was one of those gray days where everyone was driving around with their lights on at 3 in the afternoon. They are forecasting an addition 1 to 3 inches today AND tomorrow, before it stops. It looks like we'll have a white Christmas this year.

It cant snow like it is today, without it reminding me of the winter I was twelve. My Aunt and Uncle had come to stay with us. My uncle had come to have bypass surgery done on his kidney at the University of Minnesota. They took a vein out of his leg and used it to fix the artery to his kidney. That was the winter we were really introduced to Italian food. My Aunt Cindy was Italian, and she made lasagna and other dishes. My mother says wed had Italian food before at my Aunt and Uncles, but it was that winter that I learned how much I loved it.

One evening, while they were there I got it into my head that I wanted to go to the movies, I dont recall what movie was playing, but there wasnt a chance my parents would let me go alone. Cindy volunteered to go with me. I was thrilled. I rarely got to go to the movies at night. My father dropped us off at the theatre and we watched the movie. When the movie was over we were to call him and hed come get us. However, when we walked out of the theatre it had snowed about an inch on top of the snow that had already been there and it was still snowing lightly. It was probably 9 pm, so all the city sidewalks were covered in snow. They hadnt shoveled them yet, and as there wasnt a single store open, it was unlikely that theyd get to it until morning.

Cindy suggested that we walk home. The theatre was only about two miles from the house, so wasnt too bad of a walk. Id done it many times in the daylight, but never after dark. The thought of walking home in the dark, was like adventure calling my name. It was an exciting prospect. We headed for home. There wasnt a foot print anywhere. The snow sparkled in the glow of the street lights. It was near Christmas time, and the downtown buildings were decorated. It was beautiful, like a Currier and Ives Christmas Card. The sidewalks, like a fresh canvas, lay before us. We made our trek home, making fresh footprints in the snow. We stretched out our arms, tilted back our heads, and spun around catching snowflakes on our tongues. We giggled and danced down the deserted streets.

It was magical. It was the first time Id ever been with an adult that was enjoying something just like a kid would. That moment in my life is forever imprinted on the pages of my memory. I learned an appreciation for the wonder of being a child, by seeing an adult completely embrace the moment. When it snows like that, to this day, I cant help but tilt back my head and outstretch my arms and embrace the moment. If Im alone Ill spin around and laugh at the wonder of it all.

Thank you, Aunt Cindy.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

I shouldn't be tired today, but I am. I was probably asleep by 10:30 pm last night; however, I yawned most of the afternoon. L left for Chicago this morning. She called at about 2:30, and was already halfway through Nebraska. The weather and roads were good, with the sun popping out every now and then. She is making good time, with any luck she'll get into Chicago later tonight.

Nothing earth shattering today, in any way. The drive to work, though not good, was uneventful. Breakfast was good. Mark was upset at being at work today. His younger daughter was running a high fever today, and his desire was to be at home taking care of her. He had a hard time convincing his boss of the same thing. However, by lunchtime he was gone. I gave him a quick call to make sure everything was okay, and he was at the doctor with her, having only gotten out of work just after noon. He said hed let me know, but I guess that doesnt include a call back. Am I upset? No. Disappointed? Yes. I dont know why. He has really only called me one time. I dont know why Id expect that hed call. Perhaps I thought he would call if he had an excuse, but that doesnt seem to be the case. Perhaps I should take that as a hint and just let things ride for a while.

It is tiring being on the edge of your seat all the time, especially when its all just a hazy idea. Hes going to have to step up to some of this, show some interest beyond talking to me as I walk through the line for breakfast and lunch. Guess well see if that happens. Im too tired to think about it now.

Sweet dreams M.

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