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December 18, 2004 - Saturday, 10:56 p.m.

Wedding Day - Josh & Amity

The wedding was beautiful!! Josh and Amity were both so visibly happy. It was so sweet. Erin, Amity's twin sister, made her wedding dress. It was really pretty. There were a number of prayers and readings read. Elaine sang a song at the beginning of the ceremony and Amity's sister, Alisa sang at the end. It was really a nice wedding. We had Curied Chicken for dinner, Camille and Mom made most of the food I believe. It was a great dinner. My whole family was there, all my sisters, their spouses and children. Josh and Justin's buddy's were all there, except Greg who is currently stationed in Italy. Mike made it home from Westpoint for the wedding (he missed Justin and Moon's), and both Dan and Corey were there as well.

I was up and out of the house by about 9 am this morning. Off to Sears to get a couple tires and then to Kohl's to pick up a pair of dress pants for Phil. We, Phil, Curt and I, got dressed for the wedding and jumped in the car and headed to Loveland. The weather was great. Sunny and clear, though not real warm. Traffic dropped to a crawl between Monument and Castle Rock. Looked like an accident with a camper trailer. Slowed us down for about 1/2 hour, but we still got there early.

Phil and I visited the whole way home from Loveland, and Curtis slept in the back seat. The drive went quickly. We talked about the wedding, talked about who would get married next, talked about Nate and Jamie's upcoming wedding in February. Phil will move in with Nate and Alan in January, and then Jamie will move in after the wedding. Then we spent most of the rest of the time talking about school. It was a really nice ride home.

Well, Friday I did call Mark, and left a message on his cell phone. Either he never got it, didn't listened to it, or he decided he didn't want to call me back. Not sure which way it went, can't dwell on it too much.

I guess what I've really learned from all of this is that I think I may actually be ready to think about a relationship. No matter how much I've thought over the years that I wanted to find someone and get married, I was never really there mentally. I've spent alot of time really being afraid of alot of what a relationship would involve. Being afraid of putting myself out there to be rejected, afraid of things just not working out, or never being able to find anyone. But finally, I think I actually am ready, and therefore, most likely someone will come along. So, who knows what the future has instore. I'm just glad to say that I seem to be open to whatever might come my way.

The plan is to still get these projects in the basement worked on over my break, whether I have Mark's help, or spend the time cracking the whip over the boys, or doing a bunch myself... I am going to get it done.

Birthday party tomorrow, clean and cooking to do in the morning. I'll be busy. Really need to get some sleep now.

Sweet dreams.

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