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December 16, 2004 - Thursday,10:09 p.m.

Biker Story

It must have been somewhere around 16 years ago when I was working third shift that this incident happened. My shift ran from 11 pm until 7 am, 5 days a week, sometimes more. Late one evening, on my way to work, I was driving south on I-25. At that point in time there was a grassy median between the north and south bound lanes just as you got south of the Nevada Exit. As I was driving south I noticed a guy down in the median. He was a typical biker guy; he was wearing leathers and all the other biker gear. His bike was lying in the grass and he was walking around it, pre-occupied.

As I drove by I recalled that I knew that bikes are heavy, really heavy, and that often if a guy has a big bike and they go down, they have a hard time picking up the bike. The thoughts just played in my mind, and I knew how it wouldn't have done me any good to stop as I couldn't help him. I began to approach the Circle exit as I pondered this and there was another guy sitting on a bike under one of the lights on the freeway. Again, this guy was all in leather, long hair, the whole ten yards. I donít know why, but I was instantly sure that they were together and that he was waiting on his friend. I pulled off on the shoulder and came up behind him. It was dark, so all he could really see was the headlights of the car. He watched me pull up, I am sure he was wondering who was stopping and what they wanted. I got out of my car and walked towards him. He was pretty nonchalant, he didn't even really react, though I am sure he was surprised to see that I was a woman and had gotten out of my car.

I asked him, "Are you riding with another guy?"

He said something like "Why?"

I said, "Cuz there was a guy back there in the median and his bike was down, he didn't look hurt, but I think he might need some help."

He thanked me, started his bike and left. I got back in my car and proceeded on to work. I often wonder what he thought, and if that guy really did need help... and if he was surprised that I stopped and got out of the car to talk to him... For some reason I have a pretty protective streak for bikers... probably that college boyfriend I had that road a bikeÖ itís never left me.

* * * * * * * * * * * * *
The semester was officially over this morning. I emailed my final to the instructor. I am so glad to be done with my classes. I woke up late and didnít get into work until just after 9 am. I didnít get any breakfast, and got right to work. At lunch time I wondered over to the cafeteria. Watched as Mark made meals for the people ahead of me. I ordered a grilled cheese and fries. He was pretty busy. I took my meal and sat down at a table with a lady I know in another department. We visited as we ateÖ I picked at the fries and managed to eat half my sandwich before they left. I sat at the table for almost another half hour picking at the other half of my sandwich. I just sat there and relaxed. It was nice. Mark notice me sitting there from the grill and pantomimed how surprised he was to see me stay in the cafeteria to eat. He smiled and I smiled back. I talked a little bit with the lady that is the cashier, and eventually headed back to my desk.

The afternoon passed and I headed for home just after 5 pm. The evening has been quiet. Philip got home, nice to have him here. Josh and Dan have dropped by to see Justin; he should be home on break in another half hour. Moon, Philip, Josh and Dan are sitting in the living room and visiting now. AhÖ there is Kyle now. Heís stopped by on HIS break from work. Itís busy here at night. I like the commotion. Itís nice, and I know one day itíll really be quiet every night, Iíll miss the activity of everyone coming and going all the time.

I canít see what is down the road. I donít know what, if anything will happen with Mark. But for right now, it is really nice to think of the possibilities, to daydream a little.

Sweet dreams.

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