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December 15, 2004 - Wednesday, 11:35 p.m.

Patience, my dear, Patience

It snowed tonight. Just enough to cover everything. The roads were just wet as I drove home from work. I was sitting at the desk looking out the window in my room, there are colored lights across the street and snow... it looks like Christmas.

It's cold out, the temperature is about freezing at the moment. My room is cold. I'm cold. I've a headache. I'm done with my final. Will turn it in tomorrow after one more look at it with a clear mind. Yeah!!

Very tired. Really should go to sleep... but here I sit. Did some shopping today... picked up a couple dress shirts and ties. One each for Curt and Phil. Bought myself a new pair of boots. I like them. :o)

Patience. Patience is a virtue. Patience is my virtue of choice. It's my test, always and forever I believe. Everything always boils down to perfecting that ONE virtue. Feeling impatient tonight, surprise. Things are progressing slowly, and really that is the best, but some days a little speed would be okay. Even as I wish for things to progress a little faster with Mark, in my heart I know that if it started moving fast it would scare the hell out of me. So for now, I just day dreams a little and wait.

That was a really nice hug. I can't stop thinking about it, probably one of the nicest hugs I ever had. Patience, my dear, patience. There will be other hugs, more of them. L tells me he thinks about me alot... that's a pleasant thought. She's just reading the situation for me... it's what I want to hear, so I smile and think about the hug a little more. Pathetic aye? :o) Ah well... have to enjoy what there is.

Sweet dreams. M.

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