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December 04, 2004 - Saturday, 7:26 p.m.

Well?... Not yet...

I was up and at it by about 8 am. I cleaned house and got out and picked up the mortar mix and sand all before noon. Pretty good, huh? It looked pretty good. Then I went out and got my bricks out and wetted them down with the hose. About 12:15 I mixed up some mortar and started patching cracks.

Tick, tick... 12:30...12:45... I started to worry about the fact that I woke up Mark, and that perhaps he didn't EVEN remember that I'd called. So, at about 12:45 I called him. No answer at his home number, so I tried the cell. Ring... ring... Oh no... "Hello?" "Hi, Mark?" "Hi!!" "This is M" "I tried to call, right at noon, and it rang and rang, and rang" I could tell he was pretty flustered. "Really? It didn't ring, but perhaps I gave you the wrong number." I could hear it in his voice as he relaxed. He said that his day had been crazy, that he'd been up and going since about 6:30 am, and how about we do it tomorrow?

Perfect! I gave him directions to the house and he'll meet me here at 1:30, which I should be home from my committee meeting in Denver by then. It couldn't have worked out better. My mother had called at 11:30 and she said she was going to drop off my dad in about 1/2 hour and that he was going to work in the basement for the afternoon. She and Maureen came by, dropped him off, and then came back at about 4 to pick him up. I thought perhaps it would have been a LITTLE uncomfortable for him to show up and have my DAD here, and other people in and out. So, this will be much, much better. I finished most of the patching and even chipped out some of the mortar I replaced under my window, as it looks like the new mortar that I hand mixed will be a MUCH better match!!

Tonight I am off to do a little shopping and visiting with L.

So, again... another day to wait to see if there is anything to see. :o) He sounded SOOOoo much better once we talked a little today, much better then last night and better then when the phone conversation started today. He called me 'sweetie'. We shall see.

Later... M.

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