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December 03, 2004 - Friday, 10:30 a.m.

Point, Set, Return

Yesterday was a strange day. I spent most of my evening on the phone, something I haven’t done in a LONG time. I talked to Dan on the phone for a long time, about work mostly, then on the phone with Gary about Curtis. Then, even later, I was on the phone with L. Had a frustrating day about ½ way through. I dropped Curtis at Gary’s after we went to his pre-surgery meeting (he’s getting his wisdom teeth pulled today). When I got back to work Curtis called and wanted me to come back and jump his car. I couldn’t. I’d already been gone too long. I made a couple attempts to find someone to go help him, but they didn’t surface. So Curtis sat in his car for about 3 hours contemplating life. By three, I called it a day at work, and headed over to get Curtis, knowing he needed a long discussion about responsibility and taking it on. He’d called me just before then and was pretty upset that no one had come to help him.

I knew that he was suppose to pick up his Dad at school by about 3:30 and take him to work, and knew he wasn’t going to be able to do that. So I went by and got Curtis and we had a talk in the car about life, responsibility, etc. Then picked up Gary, and continued the conversation with Curtis. Afterwards we went by some places for Curtis to put in applications, eventually ending up back at his Dad’s to make an attempt at jumping his car. No luck. However I noticed some dents on the top edge of the back of the car and asked how it happened. He hemmed and hawed and finally admitted to beating the car with a board. Interestingly enough, he picked a spot on the car that couldn’t possibly effect how it would drive, showing me that he is perfectly capable of controlling that temper, as it was thought out, not just something done in a red rage of anger.

Later that evening Dan called and we talked about work. Earlier in the day Dan had patiently sat in my cube and listened to me talk about Curtis. I wasn’t really ranting as much as just talking about how sometimes it just isn’t fun to be a parent, and that it’s tough raising kids alone, and how even though you do the best job you can, so often you make mistakes. I freely admit that I am a soft touch, and have often acted out of a feeling of guilt. Anyway, our phone conversation was mostly about work. Dan’s feeling unappreciated in his job, where he is doing a dynamite job, however isn’t getting the recognition that he deserves. I agree with him. He is seeing that he is over ½ done with his MBA and not seeing any clear path or recognition for that accomplishment.

After Dan and I got done talking my mother called and we talked about our concerns with Curtis. It isn’t that I am worried that Curtis CAN’T perform, its that I am not sure he WILL. He’s always talked a good line, but hasn’t put action into his words. While I was talking to my mother Gary called. He was wondering if Curtis had been in the house when I’d gone by to pick him up, as Curtis said NO, and Gary was pretty sure he’d gone in without a key, forcing his way in. As soon as the words were out of Gary’s mouth I knew that he’d done just that. Took me about a minute of talking to Curtis to get him to confess. Gary called back and I took Curtis back to Gary’s for the remainder of the night.

Once back home, some time after 10 pm, L called and I talked to her for a couple hours. Was really a nice long conversation about all sorts of things, including Mark. Talked a little bit about what we thought he might do, or might be thinking…

This morning, I wandered over for my breakfast. I’d realized sometime yesterday, that as Mark has always said “Good Morning Melissa” that REALLY I should be saying “Good Morning, Mark”. And that’s what I did this morning; also I asked how he was doing. He made my breakfast and we talked a little, and then just before he finished my sandwich he said, “Wait, I need to give you something" and proceeded to write down HIS phone numbers on the back of a menu card that says “Country Fried Steak $2.49 w/ 2 Eggs $3.29”. He gave them to me and said, “I understand THIS weekend is suppose to be nice.” I said, “I heard that too.” He said, “Call me if you change your mind about it...” Point, set, return… SOOOoo... the balls in MY court!! I am sure the other lady standing at the counter with me was thinking, ‘Hmmm, what’s this?”

Hmmm.... now what do I do? I know; I call him tonight.

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