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November 26, 2004 - Friday, 10:43 a.m.

Tick... tock... tick...

Yesterday morning I started my day by going to the gym. Amazing. It was the last thing I felt like doing, but was glad I'd done it when I got there. I came home, and got ready to go up to Woodland Park.

It was a nice day in Woodland Park. Played a little Scrabble and a couple games of Trivial Pursuit, visited and ate turkey dinner. Didn't much dwell on all my worries, it was a good day. The weather was great, the company even better.

Triggs came up for the day. They are neighbors of my parents that we've known since we moved to Colorado twenty-nine years ago. Their son came with them. I don't hardly remember seeing him since I used to baby sit him like twenty-five years ago!! Time sure slips by when you aren't looking.

My boys spent the day with their dad. He had a fancy menu all put together for the day. Curtis helped him cook and prepare most of the week. I am sure they had a scrumptious feast. I got home just after midnight. Justin was at work, Moon asleep, Curtis on the PC and Philip out with friends. I crawled into bed and watch… surprise… a little Voyager and then fell asleep.

I have some homework I need to get done today. Blech! I need to dig though my papers for this semester and figure out just exactly what I need to get done. I’ve made promises to my teammates for my MGMT class for today, so need to get that done for sure.

It’s a gray day again. Overcast and looking like winter. The temperature isn’t bad. We are in the 40’s today, but still, it doesn’t look good. I think I heard we might get snow tomorrow.

I have spent the morning IM’ing with L. Talking about relationships and stuff… I was telling her I waited for the 'perfect' match... I met Lee and he was everything I'd hoped for... that passed away... and then I thought... there will never be a perfect match... that perhaps I was being TOO picky... and I started looking at people I'd have not looked at before... dated a number of toads... well okay... TWO... and then married Gary... that didn't work out... looked… found a couple toads... met Matthew... thought... THIS IS IT... again... it passed away.... back in the mind set of 'perhaps I am too picky'... terrified of repeating the same mistake... more terrified that truly there ISN'T a perfect, or even good match out there for me... not sure that I can handle heartbreak again, not sure I can stand to be alone for the next 40 years... ::sighs:: Depressing…

Going to head out and pick up the ceramics from last weekend, and then head up to WP… with a quick stop at Domino’s. Need to push on in that direction…

Later… M.

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