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November 21, 2004 - Sunday, 2:25 p.m.

Sunday Afternoon in the Universe...

Nearly 11 am, and the house is silent. I slept like the dead until 10 am. I don't recall waking up a single time during the night. That used to be the norm, but it’s been a long time since I slept all night without waking up once… amazing.

Last night we moved the DVD/VCR player into the living room and dusted off the boxes of VHS tapes I own. After much perusing we picked out “Jurassic Park” and “12 Monkey”. I didn’t mean to watch EITHER movie, but ended up sitting in there and watched them both with Phil and Moon. Justin came home on break one time during our ‘movie night’. He said the roads were bad and that he’d watched an accident happen down at the light by I-25 and Bijou. A little fender bender that got worse. Two people were out of their cars discussing their little fender bender, when another car, coming from downtown, came over the bridge and smashed into both of their cars. Ugh!! Justin’s night went by without a problem and his car is now parked in front of the house and he’s fast asleep.

The birthday party yesterday was fun. We each did a little ceramic figurine. I did a little petal faerie. I’ll get her back next weekend. It was really enjoyable. Fun to do something purely artistic, no logic required. Afterwards, Moon, Phil and I joined Camille and Megan at Old Chicago and had lunch. The snow was just starting to accumulate. We got home before the roads got bad, and later had our pot roast for dinner. L & G were going to join us, but the bad roads kept them home.

I’ve nearly collected everything I’ll need to finish up our paper for MGMT. However, the motivation to get started is still waning. I just want to sit here and do nothing. I didn’t go by Domino’s yesterday, but the idea is still in my mind, the temptation drawing me more and more each day. The cable place was closed yesterday, so will have to turn everything in on Monday some time, perhaps I’ll take lunch and do that. I’m trying very hard not to think about finances. Panicking will do nothing. Next week we only work three days, and then a nice four day weekend, trying to just concentrate on that.

Like an insane person, I spent money yesterday. What was I thinking? I got my perfume from Lancôme. It’s called ‘Attraction’ and came in a gift box with lotion. A definite extravagance, I’m glad I did crazy though it may be. To compound that insanity, I purchased the gift that I was ‘eligible’ for, seeing as I’d spent enough with the FIRST purchase. Don’t know what I was thinking. Far too much ‘do it now, worry about it later’ in my attitude.

I’ve been picking at this for a while now. It’s nearly noon. Still, the house is like a tomb. I should spring out of bed, and like a white tornado attack the house and CLEAN it. Or do SOMETHING… (I’m now sitting here watching the cursor blink at me)…


Over two hours have slipped by. I spent time IM’ing with L. We both whined a little bit about life. Shed a couple tears and laughed some. We were both feeling depressed. It didn’t pass really, but am feeling a little better now. The house is finally half awake. Phil is playing PS2 and Curtis is cleaning his room. Me? I’m still sitting in bed in my pajamas. I spent a little while talking to Rosie on the phone. It was nice to hear from her. We’ll get together while she is home over Christmas. She recommended I take the capstone class in May… this coming May. So will mention that to Dan… actually already did, I sent him an email a few minutes ago. I need to drag myself out of bed, and out of my room.

Do something woman!


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