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November 20, 2004 - Saturday, 8:21 a.m.

Grey Days and Second Jobs...

It's a grey day. Not a bad thing, just a statement. It's above freezing, but not by much. We got a little snow over night. Not a lot, just enough to cover everything just a little. Most all of the leaves have fallen, and now as I look out over the city, the color that jumps at you is grey. The branches of the trees stretch to the sky, clawing their grey and white fingers at the grey skies. It's almost like an old black and white photo, washed out by years of sitting in a frame by the window.

The house is quiet. Everyone is still asleep. I have a list of things to accomplish this weekend, but motivation is low. Somehow I'll pull it together and tweak out our paper for our group project. Everyone's done a good job, so it should come together pretty well. I still have a little more to write, but that's my Sunday afternoon. This week was my first week back at the gym after a gazillion years of doing nothing. As much as my back bothers me, I am pleased that the abdominal and back exercises and weight lifting haven't made it worse, and perhaps have made it a little better. This gives me hope that this will work to alleviate much of my chronic back pain, so YAY!

It was a busy week at work. I'd planned to get my resume done, but found it difficult to find time. Char went through it Friday morning, and then Dan reviewed it as well, and for now I am content with it.

Last night Phil and I went to the movies and saw "The Incredibles". It was a cute movie, I enjoyed it. It was nice to go do that with Philip. I miss having him around. I am so glad that he has taken this year and gone up to school at Fort Collins. I'd always wished I'd done some time in the dorms at college, but never did.

Midweek, Gary called at about 8:30 am, looking for Curtis, who had already left for school. He'd missed his transfer bus downtown and was looking for a ride up to UCCS. I offered, it was either that, or head off to work, and I wasn't much feeling like going to work. I picked him up downtown and took him up to the school. We visited about the boys. I am glad that we have such an amicable relationship. It makes life so much more pleasant. I am sure we baffle many. If we can be so pleasant to one another, then why didn't our marriage work? Perhaps if we were married now, it would. He's grown up a lot in the last 14 years, he's much more responsible. And perhaps I was in the way of him becoming responsible when we were married. I really don't know. I am just happy to see him going to school and stepping up to things. It makes me happy for the boys and for him.

The cell phones and cable are gone. The bills are slated to pay next week, but that wasn't quite soon enough. ::mumbles:: I think I'll go have the cable 'officially' shut off today. Turn in the cable box and such. So much money and I barely use it. So that's gone. Need to think about reducing the minutes on the cell phones too. Now that Gary has his own phone, our usage should have dropped considerably. I closed down the GSIV accounts on Thursday; they shut off in the middle of December. Gah! The bills look bad; finances look bad... the temptation to look for a second job is mounting. ::sighs:: I know it isn't the best idea, but all I can think is… just a couple months, only a little bit more of school left, then a break until near the end of January. Domino's Pizza is calling my name. One more bad day and I'll be down there getting a job. I'll go back to the one on the Westside that delivers into Manitou. I enjoyed working there before. I know if I start though, that I won't quit until probably summer. It's so flexible I can work a couple days a week. LOOK! I've nearly talked myself into it as I sit here. No matter what anyone thinks it would relieve some of the stress in my life, even if just to give me money in my pocket for groceries.

Today is G's birthday party. We'll go out shopping here in a couple hours to pick up her gift. We'll go by the cable place, and I can feel it, I'll probably go by Domino's today too. On that same front I need to put in my resume online at a couple places. I'll start online, and then one day here I'll take an afternoon off and go by some places in person. Need to get focused on that.

Gonna cook a pot roast for dinner, so need to get that in the crock pot here shortly. Mashed potatoes, gravy and some vegetable to round out the meal, it sounds good, a good meal for a cold day.

Time to go out and meet the day. M.

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