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November 11, 2004 - Thursday, 11:52 p.m.

Restless Days and Restless Nights

Today was one of those days when I'd really rather have stayed home. The day dawned grey and overcast. The clouds hung heavy over the mountains, obsuring most of the range. When you looked north or west it looked like it might start snowing at any moment. Some how I managed to drag myself out of the house and as I headed south and east to work it was like I was some place completely different. High wispy clouds and partly cloudly blue skies. That's how the day felt, like I was sitting on the edge of a knife. Lean one way and it's winter, the other and it's a nice fall day.

Restless... the word of the day... and the word of the night. Fortunately I was really busy at work, so the day passed quite well. I got there late and had to park about 3 parking lots away from my building. As I walked back to my car at the end of the day it was already getting dark, and it was very cold.

Tonight it is freezing again, and I'd like nothing more then to see about 2 feet of snow fall... and then have there be SOOoo much snow that I couldn't go to work tomorrow. However, I don't really have anything that I am really wanting to do at home either. Restless...

I went by the grocery store and picked up some beef to make stew for dinner. Justin had thawed out a couple pounds of hamburger, so I made Chili as well. Shortly after I got home I put on my pj's and laid down to watch 'Bridget Jone's Diary' which was on cable tv tonight. The new movie is coming out shortly, so they did some promos for that. I've seen it before, but forget that I actually enjoyed it before. Now I have one of my 'Voyager' DVD's in the player and am watching that.

It's already midnight... GAH!! I really need to go to sleep... but here I sit... staring at the cursor blinking on the pc screen... pondering playing a game... wishing for a pleasant escape to a fantasy world where I am studying to be a half-elven rouge (box picker or thief)... Or perhaps a game of Yahtzee... A couple hours of cuddling would make up for most anything this day... however.. not in the cards tonight... or any day soon for that matter.

Dinner tomorrow night at my Mom and Dad's... a turkey dinner... which sounds lovely... and of course, a number of hours hanging out with my family... that should be wonderful... Then homework, homework, homework for the rest of the weekend... ::Malie sighs softly::

Sweet dreams.... M.

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