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October 17, 2004 - Sunday, 8:30 p.m.

Last Rose of Summer

I have one beautiful rose bloom by my bedroom window and another rose bush has given me three red blooms. It's late in the season, we've had nights that have dropped below freezing, and yet somehow there are blooms. I have daisys that are getting ready to bloom too. Someone forgot to tell the flowers winter is creeping up on us.

I got up this morning and went to Sunday devotions and classes. I enjoyed seeing everyone and classes were interesting. We talked about the nature of the soul or spirit and its existance or non-existance. Left me thinking, which is always good.

I came home and wandered off to my room. Plunked myself down in front of the PC and read email and played some of my turns on my game site. I've felt restless for the last few weeks. Today was no different. I felt like I should work on homework, but just didn't want to work on anything. Wanting to at least feel a little productive I took myself out into the yard and weeded some, cleaned up some of the bricks I worked on last weekend, and mowed some of the lawn. It was good for me to get out in the sunshine and fresh air.

It's early evening now, and still I should try to do some homework. However... no motivation to do that... it isn't going to happen... I've sat and watched a blinking cursor, and an episode of Voyager I've never seen before. Another hour has slipped by.


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