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October 14, 2004 - Thursday, 10:27 p.m.

The Threads of Time

How strange is it to still be roaming around the same city since high school? I've been roaming around this town for nearly thirty years. There are routes through town that are almost like a time travel experience. Some areas of town have changed so little. Today during my lunch I was wondering around north of Fillmore and passed by a park on Prospect. Wham!! It could have been fifteen years ago, and it seemed like Justin and Philip should be running around playing there. We could walk up to that park from where we lived. This town is a constant echo of my past to me. It makes me think of my grandmother living in the same 20 mile radius for nearly 100 years. Every moment of every day would be blasting me with thoughts of the past. Perhaps that is just me, though.

As I am driving around town running errands, going to the doctor, or school, I am constantly flooded with memories of life. School... sheesh!! I am now going to the same college I went to the fall after I graduated from High School. Talk about strange. I get on that campus and I can't help but be reminded of my first love and my first major heartbreak - GAH… the same person. It's a bittersweet memory. I also carried Justin to classes there as a baby, and he's currently enrolled there. I dragged myself there for a few disjointed semesters for 15 years after Justin was born trying to work on a master’s degree. I was taking a class there when my marriage ended. Now it's all new memories being overlaid on the old ones.

There are routes that I took nearly daily at some point in my life and if I happen down one of those routes today I think of the days when it was my standard route. There is the apartment I lived in during college on Chestnut, or the apartments on Academy where I lived after my first relationship went by the wayside, our first apartment on Academy after we were married. Or our first house in Cimarron Hills... then the apartment north of Fillmore and finally my current house on the Westside. Each area is filled with profound memories both good and bad. Life is amazing...

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