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September 30, 2004 - Thursday, 6:01 a.m.

Happy 70th Birthday Dad!

Today is my father's 70th birthday. I can hardly believe he's that old. He certainly doesn't seem as old as that sounds. He was actually born on the farm in North Dakota. He was the fifth child of six kids. My grandma had 5 boys and 1 girl. Her third child died at the age of 3 after drinking some acid out of a coke bottle in the creamery or cream house... or some small room that had something to do with milking cows. Other then that one brother, all my dad's siblings are still alive.

It makes me think about how this all should be written down somewhere. Family history is something that I am really attached to. Silly as it sounds I've put together bits and pieces of my own life on 'paper'. I have a good written out piece on my life from my marriage to about the time of my divorce. It's not terribly interesting, I suppose... but I think about how much I'd love to be able to read something like that written by my grandmother, but it doesn't exist. Perhaps it'll never be of interest to anyone, but the drive to record it is still in me. I wish I had a history of my dad's life.. and mother's written by them. I imagine I'll write down what I can recall as time permits and give it to my mother to review. I did that with the story of how my parents met, and not surprizing my recollection of the story isn't completely accurate. As a matter of fact, I have no idea how far off it is, but my mother said she'd correct it for me. It's funny how a story grows in your mind to a 'good story' when it's just something you heard and didn't experience.

I spend some time reading blogs, like I imagine most people who write blogs do. It's fascinating to take a look into someone elses life. Some blog are utterly riveting... I find that I am continuously drawn back to read them. I particularly am drawn to THIS site. Her narrative catches you right away and you just want to go back and see what's happening in her life. Simply outstanding story telling. The more I read, the more... well nearly boring I find my own life. Not that boring is a bad thing, especially when you are living it. I think, how can so much stuff always be happening to all these people? Perhaps it is simply the way you LOOK at your life. Perhaps it is the ability to see beyond the routine. Hmmm... it seems my life is just a series of going to work, going to school, attempting to unwind and then back to the beginning of another work week!! Perhaps alway something someone ELSE is doing is just going to sound interesting as it is usually in contrast to what is happening in your own life.

Hmmm... perhaps I'll think on that....

This past weekend I took the afternoon and drove up to my sister, CE's house in the mountains near here. We are going to have a birthday party for my dad at another sister, LK's house. CE was working on a pictorial history of is life that will play like a show during his party. I was helping her by bringing up some digital pictures, to put in the presentation. It looks great. Anyway, as I was driving up the Pass I realized that the aspens have started to change creating splashes of gold amongst the deep green of the pines. It just hits you. Autumn has arrived. It's funny how autumn creeps up on us. I noticed that the trees near the house are starting to go too. It's strange how it's just a tree here and there, some still in full summer foliage others turning gold, orange and red.

The morning is getting away from me... time to get ready for work.

Later... M.

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