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September 16, 2004 - Thursday, 10:10 p.m.

Mid-September Thoughts

Yesterday after work I went and got a massage and then came home and tried to get some sleep. I'd hoped to work on my midterm but couldn't pull two thoughts together to write ANYTHING. I totally did NOTHING. Crawled into bed, turned on the weather channel and tried to relax. Oh.. I did pick up my parents from the airport at about 8 pm. It was really good to see them. They had a GREAT trip to Nova Scotia. But they were glad to be back home.

I didn't sleep too well. Watched Ivan make landfall off and on during the night every time I woke up. Somehow, I got up this morning and into work and miracle of miracle I was feeling much better today. I think I just needed some sleep, and perhaps no meds for my back. I skipped that last night hoping my mind might clear up. It did. I had a VERY productive day today. Some how I managed to get my midterm done AND turned in!! What a relief!! Am sure that has helped me to feel better as well.

Still glued to the weather channel. I need to turn it off and try to get some sleep again tonight. This is the last weekend of the Transforming Technology class. Will be good to be down to just the two classes.

It was a beautiful day today. Sunny and warm. Fighting a headache here.

Sweet dreams.


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