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September 05, 2004 - Sunday, 11:39 a.m.

Transforming Technology Organizations

It's one of those days that just reminds you of summer. The sun is shining from a deep blue sky. Only a few clouds drift lazily across the sky. The guy across the street is mowing his lawn. The wind is blowing softly and the chimes are quietly singing.

Friday night I had my Transforming Technology Organizations class. We had a speaker in, Jay Paolino. He did a presentation on "Leading in Hi-Tech Organizations." Very, very good talk. Just made me wish so that the type of teamwork training that he's given could be given some place that I'd have an opportunity to participate. Saturday morning we had another speaker, Tom Murphy. Another amazing speaker. This class has been absolutely outstanding. Talk about motivating and inspiring!! Murphy had alot to say about RFID. I am on the perimeter of this at work, but would absolutely love to attend a seminar on this technology. I truely believe that Tom Murphy is right and this is the next revolution in technology. Definitely going to look at spending some of my own money to get up to speed, or at least more knowledgeable about this technology.

Yesterday afternoon I spent reading on "Flags of our Fathers". Absolutely a riveting book. Sad, poignant, incredibly moving. I can hardly stop reading it or thinking about it. This book, as well, is an assignment for the "Tranforming Technology Organizations" class. This is probably the best class I've ever taken. Hats off to Dr. Robert (Dr. Bob) Zawacki!!!

I've also spent the last day with the Weather Channel on. Hurricane Frances has made landfall and is moving across Florida. I love weather. The more extreme, the more it draws my attention. I noticed as well that the San Juan Mountains in the southwestern part of the state got 16 inches of snow in the last 24 hours. Sixteen inches!!? I am wondering what kind of a winter we have in store.

I need to try to get around here... do some laundry and clean house some. Still another day off after today!! I love three day weekends.


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