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September 03, 2004 - Friday, 7:36 a.m.

Labor Day Weekend is upon us. The Balloon Classic in the springs happens this weekend. Once upon a time I used to get up early and take my boys to the balloon rise at the 'butt-crack' of dawn.

I have four roses on my desk. They are a beautiful deep coral color, one is still a bud, and the other three are open. They are all on one stem. I clipped it off the rose bush under my bedroom window, pretty much the last roses of summer at my house.

Canít believe we are in September. It screams autumn and football and piles of leaves to walk through. I recall when I was in elementary and Jr. High School that I often walked to the library downtown in our little town. Hours spent going through the stacks and paperback stands looking for books to read. I can remember walking along the streets. In the gutters along the curb the leaves from the oaks, elms and maples would collect until they made a smooth transition from the curb to the road. I would walk along the curb dragging my feet as I went. The air was crisp and the smell of decaying leaves permeated it. A good smell, a smell that meant summer had ended, school had begun, and soon ice would cover the parks and skating would commence. To this day I canít walk by leaves in the street without dragging my feet through them stirring up the smells of my youth.

It's morning... and really time to be headed in to work. I don't feel like it, though I'll get myself together and head to work. I have class tonight and have been reading the assignments. So much new information to process.

Woke up about an hour ago. Read all my favorite blogs and played my turn on my games online. Have to get moving. Going to be a long day. Work, then off to class after that!! Will be home after 8 pm.. and then back to school tomorrow morning before 8 am. Most of the weekend should be spent on homework, but am sure I'll find some time to do some fun stuff.

Later... M.

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