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August 22, 2004 - Sunday, 8:31 a.m.

College Bound Kids

My boy is off to college!! I am so excited for him. He told me yesterday that he'd been worried that somehow it was all going to fall apart at the end. That somehow it just wasn't going to happen. I am sure it was a HUGE relief for him when we got up there and just like they said he had a dorm room and he smoothly checked in and we got his stuff all carried up to the third floor. ::GASPS:: That was alot of stuff to carry up two flights of stairs. ::smiles::

When he checked his mail the residual from his loans was waiting there for him. SOOOooo he is completely set to go. After we checked out his room, we then carried all his stuff up, set up the computer and made the bed. We ran to Target and picked up a few missing items like saline solution for his contacts, etc. We then tried to find Walmart and didn't. Then went to Best Buy and got some coaxial cable for the TV and then went to dinner at Chili's. It was a nice day. I dropped him off back at Ellis Hall and headed home.

I didn't get any pictures and was bummed about that. So he's just going to have to get some soon. Maybe Justin will go up on a Sunday and take some for me. :o)

It was really hard to take Phil up to college. On the one hand I am so excited for him. What a wonderful thing to be able to do! The entire college experience is fantastic. My sister Lynn says that her college years were some of the best years in her life. I want that for Philip, and am sure he is going to really love it up there. On the OTHER hand it is a passage, and a tough passage for a Mom. I can feel my kids growing up. I love them so much, and want for them to be independent and strong... and happy. But with each passage Mom's become less and less central to their kids lifes. High School graduation, college, marriage, kids... tick, tick, tick... they move farther and farther into their own lives. I am glad that my boys are so independent. It will make them their own person.

It's almost as though I can SEE my life changing. Like somehow time has sped up. Change usually happens so slow that you don't see it... right now it all seems to be transforming before my eyes.

Thursday morning I went to work and thought. Hmmmm... I need to ask that lady at work who is selling her car how much she wants for it. I've been thinking about it and looking at it. I didn't really want to send Phil up to Fort Collins without a car. But didn't have any other choice, unless I got another car for myself. Hmmmm... there was this nice car at work that I noticed was for sale a few weeks ago. It's black... with a hint of purple to it. I guess the color is called blackberry. I talked to her. It was a standard transmission, 2000 Saturn SC1. She bought it brand new and it has about 54000 miles on it. Soo... I BOUGHT IT!! Amazing... seems when I decide something I move fast. Anyway... SOOooo I have a new car!! I drove it up to CSU Saturday. It works good. I like it alot! So Phil has a car. It felt good.

Curt's going to take his drivers test on Monday. Gah!! My babies are all grown up now. Sheesh!! So we'll go out today and do a little practicing. Still need to do some cleaning around the house. School starts for me in a couple days. What a quick summer!!

Later.... M.

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