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July 30, 2004 - Friday, 9:15 p.m.

On the road again!

4:00 pm

So glad to be done with school and on my way on vacation!! I can hardly believe that I am done with Accounting. Seems like it has been hanging over me for a while!! Gah!! What a wondrous invention the cell phone is! I’ve called my sisters that are on the road today. Char and family are about 90 miles ahead of us. They left about an hour before we did! Lynn and family are nearly to Sioux Falls, South Dakota. Justin is still at home. Absolutely amazing to always have everyone at your fingertips. It’s a pretty nice day. Warmer then I like, but sunny. We had a little rain as we left the Springs, but it is pretty clear here.

I finished up some final touches on my annual report analysis and then left it with Dan so he could turn it in for me Monday. It was really nice to have Dan and Christine to go through this class with. It’s great to have people to study with!! It definitely helped me.

Philip’s been driving since we left the Springs. Curtis is more then ready to drive. We are pulling off in Fort Morgan, so time to let him take his turn at driving.


We only stopped for some gas and I got an ice tea. Now I am worrying Curt’s driving. It’s blue-grey to the north. Looks like rain, which would be okay with me. Got the cruise on for Curtis so now hopefully he can just concentrate on the driving. He weaves a little. He’ll get better… I hope. It’s coming up on 5 pm.

I can’t believe how fast the boys are growing up. Where did all those years go? Not that long ago I was headed to the lake with a car full of boys. Now they are young men. Curt turned 18 on Monday. My word, truly it seems like he was a baby just the other day, crawling into my lap every time I sat down, wandering around climbing stuff and getting into everything. The first year Curtis went to the lake was 16 years ago, eight lake trips ago. He was two. Every morning he’d wake up and my Mom or Dad would put on his life jacket and he’d wander around the resort. Mom would just follow him to see where he’d go. He’d wander up to the camp store, then down to the bait house, out to the dock and then back to the cabin. Just two years old and he knew how to get everywhere. Every morning he’d get up at like 6 am. 6AM!! Where did I get that kid? Justin and Philip would sleep in… always… but never Curtis. No matter when he went to bed he was up at 6 am. He’d crash by about 3 in the afternoon for a couple hours and then back up until late. What a crazy kid??! At the lake I was on vacation and very badly wanted to sleep in. I was lucky, cuz Mom got up with him every morning for me.

We’ve gotten away from rain storms and clouds and it is again blue sky and sunny. Curt’s doing pretty good.

9:15 pm

We stopped in North Platte and had dinner at Applebee’s. Justin called they are on 76 now and headed out of Denver. They are about 3 hours behind us now. Char and family are about an hour away from where they’ll stop for the night. Lynn and family have stopped for the night already. Curt’s still driving. We are on 83 which is a two lane highway. It’s dark out and soon I am thinking he’ll get tired and I’ll drive for a while. I’ll be so glad to get to the Lake. A WHOLE week of just relaxing and enjoying the day. Seems hard to imagine.

I so wish that I could write a book. I’d love to be immersed in a world that I was creating. It seems forever since I wrote something creative.

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