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July 30, 2004 - Friday, 12:46 a.m.

Mission Accomplished - Done

Oh, man! I am done. Done, done, done. If one could dance for joy while relaxing on the bed, that's what I'd be doing. I took my final today... didn't do as good as I'd like to have, but it went okay. Am SOOOoo glad to be done. I then spent my evening writing up my Annual Report Analysis and finished THAT just after midnight.

So, since then I've been packing for my vacation. About done with that now... and done enough for tonight. I've got a headache and really want some sleep. There is so much that I should do before I leave, but not sure that I'll get it all done. Blah... I just want to be on the road and to heck with everything else. Always time to pull it all together when I get home.

The week has been busy and stressful, but I did get about 35 hours of my 40 in already at work!! So.. a short day tomorrow and I should be on the road by about 1 pm. Ya-hoo!!

Watching 'Bloodfever' (Voyager Season 3) for about the 10th time. I love that episode - I never saw it before until I got Season 3. One of the guys in engineering is a Vulcan... and he starts Pon Farr... and he wants to mate with B'Elanna... well.. She’s like... ah.. NO WAY... and he trys to convince her... and at one point grabs her face and she dislocates his jaw... :o) Anyway... he's inadvertently connected with her and she begins Pon Farr... well.. she picks Tom... and it is a very steamy episode which is probably why is didn't air very often.... bottom line... he isn't scared by her 'big scary Klingon side', he's actually very attracted to it. He loves the complexity of her... THAT'S WHAT I WANT.. Where the hell is Tom Paris when you need him!!!

There aren't that many men available that are strong enough for that. Or able to handle it I think. :sighs: such a sad thought! I think a lot of us women can identify with B'Elanna. She is VERY strong and opinionated and smart (many of the masculine traits)... and still one of the most alluring men on the series is attracted to her... he sees the woman and isn't put off by the rest, on the contrary it just makes him MORE interested. I want my VERY OWN Tom Paris. ::pouts::

Need to sleep.


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