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July 25, 2004 - Sunday, 9:59 p.m.

Lake Vacation Countdown.... 5 days...

It has been a cloudy, rainy weekend. It only got up to 66 today, though we did have some sunshine. I am enjoying the cool weather, much easier to stay focused. The temperature is continuing to drop. Will be in the 50’s most of the night, so I am sure I will sleep well.

L came over for dinner Friday night. We had curried chicken, it was very good. We had a nice visit and then well all watched “The Butterfly Effect”. What a good flick that was!! I totally didn’t foresee any of it, was on the edge of my seat entirely drawn into the story. Who knew Ashton Kutcher could act? I certainly hadn’t seen that in him before this flick, but I was impressed. He was very good, an outstanding performance. Definitely one of those movies that makes you think. I love anything that ponders the time travel question and/or paradox.

Yesterday we did birthday parties up at my parent’s house. Curtis turns 18 tomorrow and my nephew, Ian, turned 8 on Saturday. We had a nice party; I worked some on homework, but probably not as much as I should have. I played some Yahtzee and Scrabble. It was really a nice afternoon and evening. I got home late and crawled into bed and was asleep just after 1 am. I can not believe that my ‘baby’ is going to be eighteen tomorrow! Where does the time go? By next month I’ll only have one teenager left as my older two will be in their twenties. Phil turns 20 in three weeks.

This morning I was no where close to getting up and studying in the early morning. I actually slept until noon!! I must have been exhausted. I feel pretty awake tonight… I have been working on Accounting since noon, with few breaks. I am fighting the urge to close up all the books, turn on the TV and calm down. How much more can I push into my head tonight? How many hours will I have to study between now and my final?!? Not enough is the number that is in my brain. GAH!

I am officially panicking about my final on Thursday. I am not sure how I’ll ever get through all the material before then. I have gone to class and listened to everything, so the concepts are in my mind, however I will miss one class before the final (which actually happens after I take my final)… and will have to be sure to cover that information on my own. I wish I had the Annual Report Analysis done… I don’t think I am going to try to get it done before the final. I’ll do it Thursday night… and into the weekend if I have to and then I’ll find SOME place to hook up to the internet and get the thing sent in to him before the deadline in the midst of my vacation.

It will be good to be done with this class!!! Sheesh!!

Perhaps I should call it a night… I think the urge is going to win. Tomorrow is another day.


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