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July 11, 2004 - Sunday, 9:35 p.m.

Trying to get better

Still messing with these burns. The doctor says there is an infection, so I am working on that. Yesterday ended up being a worthless day. Slept much of the day away, I didn't even touch my accounting. I thought about it in my dreams, but that was about it. I imagine that the infection is making me sick. Also I was required to use moist heat and keep my arm elevated. It wasn't terribly conducive to reading and writing.

I have been trying to work on studying for accounting, but am having a terrible time getting my mind engaged. I've been awake for over 3 hours already, but still nothing seems to be accomplished. I need to serious think about dropping this class... Gah!! I really don't want to do that. I need to focus. Right now I am just tired. Which is crazy!! I slept quite a bit last night... no good reason to be tired again.


Went to my study group. It went well and was very helpful. We were there for hours and hours. Still plan to get together again tomorrow before the test.

I think I over did it. Too much time sitting up and using my arm. Came home and put my arm up and under heat. Trying to unwind now. Hoping the infection hasn't spread and planning to see the doctor in the morning. Needing sleep but unable to unwind....


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