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July 10, 2004 - Saturday, 7:52 a.m.

Thunder and Lightening

Lightening, hail and rain. These things can be spectacular here. I met with all three on my ride home last night. Absolutely riveting. The lightening was amazing. Flashes that bathed the landscape in an eiry blue light. Lightening strikes lit up the sky for hours. Once I headed south out of Castle Rock I was driving into the storm. It was raining so hard that it was hard to see. Living in a semi-arid location, torrential rain is always unbelievable. There was so much rain falling that there was actually standing water on the the highway. Sheets of fine spray from all the passing vehicles hovered over the road nearly 25 feet tall. There was some hail as well, but that was more noticeable after I was heading south of Monument. So much hail had fallen that it looked like snow along the edge and down the middle of the highway.

I went up to summer school last night. Had contemplated spending the night there and then heading back home after lunch today. The concern about my burns sent me home last night. I very much enjoyed the visit, but also am worried about my midterm on Monday. So here I am in bed wishing I felt a little bit better.

Not doing so well today. Monday, I burned myself. One of those stupid accidents, that probably couldn't have been avoided. Cooking, something slipped off the fork into very little, but far too hot, oil and... splash and sizzle. For so little oil it certainly managed to burn me pretty good. A good size drip on my left hand and my face. Some splatters on my right bicep and smaller splatters on my chest and left arm. Though it seems to be healing pretty well I have far too much inflamation in the tissue and pain that doesn't seem to be completely centered on the burn locations. SOOOooo... I'll have to call the doctor today and either visit an Emergi-care or the emergency room. My sister looked at it last night and is concerned about an infection.

I have achy pains and a pretty good headache this morning. I've taken some ibuprofen, but it isn't passing very fast. Waiting for the doctors office to be manned... and for the headache to pass a little.

Perhaps I should sleep a little more. I need to be able to concentrate. I am very worried about my midterm day after tomorrow. I very much want and need to get at least a C on it. If I don't I'll have to drop the class. Frustrating to think about throwing away $850, but can't get a D in the class.

Tired and my neck aches... later... M.

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