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May 31, 2004 - Monday, 7:42 a.m.

Memorial Day... and the Affairs of World

It's the last day of a three day weekend. It's been a nice weekend. The weather's been good and I've spent lots of time not doing much of anything. Only two more weekends until it is back to school. I really need to get up and around here this morning. I have three bushes to plant and really should get some laundry done... and some cleaning.

Today we'll go up to Lynn's house around noon. They've moved to Castle Rock. They've bought a big beautiful house and I am looking forward to seeing it. We are going to have a BBQ. I was thinking it would be nice to get them a house warming gift, but what to get?!?! Perhaps a movie, as I know that they have a huge TV in the house. But, what could I get that I'd be sure they haven't gotten already?!? I'll have to ponder on that.

I'd hoped that maybe the windows in the basement would get worked on this weekend. Perhaps next weekend. Wish I could figure out a way to get it done myself. Wish I was a little more handy. I'd really like to get the basement done in the next month or so. It would really be nice if the kids could start to get settled in down there. Ah well... we'll wait.

I read this quote this weekend. It's describes 'my world' pretty well. I guess there is a basis in my beliefs for the images in my mind.

"A world community in which all economic barriers will have been permanently demolished and the interdependence of Capital and Labor definitely recognized; in which the clamor of religious fanaticism and strife will have been forever stilled; in which the flame of racial animosity will have been finally extinguished; in which a single code of international law - the product of the considered judgement of the world's federated representitives - shall have as its sanction the instant and coercive intervention of the combined forces of the federated units; and finally a world community in which the fury of a capricious and militant nationalism will have been transmuted into an abiding consciousness of world citizenship - such indeed, appears, in its broadest outline, the Order anticipated by Baha'u'llah, an Order that shall come to be regarded as the fairest fruit of a slowly maturing age." (Shoghi Effendi, WOB pg 41)

The thing I think I find most fascinating about prophecies like this one, is that in the Faith we aren't told that we will MAKE this happen, but that by enlightening the world to the message of Baha'u'llah, whether or not there is any conversion to the Faith, the hearts of mankind will change and these things will come to pass outside of the Faith, by forces brought about by the individuals within all societies. Unfortunately, there is also a note to the nature of man's ability to change.

"That so fundamental a revolution, involving such far-reaching changes in the structure of society, can be achieved through the ordinary processes of dipolmacy and education seems highly inprobable. We have but to turn our gaze to humanity's blood-stained history to realize that nothing short of intense mental as well as physical agony has been able to precipitate those epoch-making changes that constitute the greatest landmarks in the history of human civilization." (Shoghi Effendi, WOB, pg 45)

Bummer! I so wish that humanity had the maturity to say, "Gosh, this isn't working, this is crazy, let's talk about this and make the appropriate changes!" Darn!! Gah! I hate to think about the types of things that will need to happen to 'get our attention'. I am not talking about individuals. Because I know that the individual is capable of an 'ah-ha' moment without being slapped upside the head. It's just that the nature of the group, that humanity as a whole entity just hasn't matured to that point yet. Though we are so very close.

Our world is in such turmoil at the moment. Wars sprinkled across the continents. The middle east in complete chaos. Are we, the Americans, helping or hurting in that arena? Some will say we are helping, some will say we are making things worse. How does one champion the underdog, without making another group really pissed off? I think that there are people that we are helping in the middle east, immensely. However, I think we are doing damage at the same time. We are like that kid in the garden, spraying insecticide on the the nasty, nasty bugs, HOWEVER, in the mean time we are horribly trampling the flowers in the flower bed. Will getting rid of the bugs help the flowers grow, or will we destroy the flower bed in the process? ::sighs:: I wish there were easier answers to making the world a better place for everyone.

It seems to me that our vision, the American vision, of making the world a better place is to make the world like America. I really don't think that is the answer. There has to be justice, there has to be opportunities for all to grow and prosper, but there has to be a way to maintain culture and regional priorites in the same breath. I don't think making the world a great, big United States is going to do it. We have to be able to respect the cultures of the world. We have to find a way to honor those things that are important in each society, and still stamp out the inhumanity, terror and cruelty lurking in those places. I don't think our vision is right, but I do think that our heart is in the right place. There is great strength is diversity AND unity. Much more strength then there is in 'sameness'. Look anywhere in the physical world. What gives strength to plant and animal life is not 'making it pure', but is in crossing it with plants and animals with different strengths. Combining the best in all. Food for thought I think.

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