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May 23, 2004 - Sunday, 9:57 p.m.

The Days of May are quietly slipping away...

The weekend has slipped by very quickly. I really wanted it to last a long time, but here it is Sunday night already. Friday night there was a get together at my Stats Professor's house. It was a small get together, and it was really nice. Have been proud of myself since I started school. I actually have gotten together with some of my fellow classmates on two occasions. I am usually terrible about stuff like that, especially if I am expected to show up on my own. Yet, I've done it twice in the last two weeks. Definite progress.

Saturday I got up about 10 am and went out into the yard to work. I weeded for hours and finally, tired, finished up the front yard with the lawn mower. It actually looks like a yard now. Mariah came in the afternoon and spent the night. Lee and Gaby came for dinner and I made pizza, which was really good. We watched "Big Fish". It was a cute movie. I enjoyed it.

This morning, I slept in, until Megan called. Mariah and I got up and joined Megan to see "Shrek2". It was SOOoo cute. After the movie, I took Megan home and Mariah decided to stay with her. So I went home and put the movie "Love Actually" in the DVD player and watched it. I really liked the movie. I watched the extra stuff, as well.

Voyager:The Second Season arrived on Friday. I've been watching it on and off all weekend. I am up to the 5th show of the season.

Char invited us up for dinner. Justin and Moon went up in the afternoon, and I laid down to watch my movie. Time slipped by pretty quickly. I sat and visited on the phone with Maggie, who I haven't talked to in about 8 months. Once I hung up the phone it was after 6 pm!! Gah!! Char had said to be there by 6:30... I called and said I wasn't coming up. What a heel!! I should have called her long before that. The time just slipped away from me. I felt really bad. If Philip hadn't been asleep I may have rushed out the door and gotten up there a little late, however with him sleeping... Gah... I just felt like staying home.

I can't believe the weekend is already over.. and with it one week of my short summer break. I am terribly sore as well. My hands from weeding.. and everything else from all the yard work. I have really been lazy today. It's been nice. I am tired. I wish I had two or three more days of 'vacation' or 'weekend'. Next weekend is a three day weekend... hopefully that will help. I really want to unwind a little more. I'm tired and should go to sleep.. but I don't want to. I want to 'enjoy' more of my weekend. I want it to keep lasting. Silly I know.... Guess I'll watch some more Voyager and drift off to sleep...

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