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May 08, 2004 - Saturday, 10:45 a.m.

The Daze that is the Days of May...

I called my mom last night. She seems to be doing pretty good. They got the upstairs of the house done. Only the furniture is left up there. Ack!! Took them a week to do just 3 small rooms. She says it is going to take another trip... at least... to get done. She told me that lots of stuff they had to go through piece by piece. Much of the stuff is all stirred together, so much of what you might want to keep is mixed together with stuff that just needs to be thrown away. For instance, she said they found income tax filings back to the 1950's.

Mom said that Chelle was a tremendous amount of help. Not only did she help them make decisions on what to do with stuff she carried and moved tons of stuff for them. Mom said that often it was more like she and Peggy were helping Chelle. I am terribly grateful that Chelle could be there to help them. My mother said that lots of stuff was labeled... my grandma was into that... most stuff says who it came from and back to them it will go in the end here.

Still, I am very conscious of how terribly hard to go through all of this stuff must be. 100 years worth of stuff.. Gah! My grandpa grew up in that house, and though most stuff should have cleared out in the 30's before grandma and grandpa moved in I am sure some stuff was left behind.

I am watching "Commanding Heights". I'll try to watch it a couple time over the next few days. Am hoping that this test will click in my mind and that I will do well on it. For a person (myself) that couldn't be bothered with anything political all of my life, I find economics totally fascinating. The debates of the last century, so much I can see the strengths and weaknesses in both. Such a hard line to draw... on the one had I totally believe in the power of the free market to work, and I feel that that social issues should be handled by the individuals in the society, I know that society is not at that reality yet. I think that I truely believe that society, that people in general will eventually grow to a place where they will willingly and freely take care of those with lesser means. However, in the interim, I think that government is going to have to handle some of it, until society matures. I know that I would willingly take care of those around me. I already do. My money is 'our' money. If my sister or my friend really needs it, I give it. What is money anyway? I'll never get rich, but, I hope, as it has always been for me, there will be just enough to do what I need to do and some of what I wish to do. It is my intent to do what I can in my own life time to take care of myself and those around me that need it.... and if I am really lucky perhaps there will be a little left over at the end of my life for my kids. But, really, I don't worry about it. I don't want to be a drain on them, but also I know that if circumstances arise that I would need them, they would be there for me. Perhaps I am naive. But.. really... it's nice here in my world.

I have simply TONS to do in the next week. Almost overwhelming. I do know, that somehow, I'll get it all done and everything will be fine. However, that doesn't keep me from worrying about all of it!! Between now and a week from now, I need to study for and take 3 finals, prepare for Justin's wedding... including the food (I'll be helping with that, not doing it alone, thank God!)... and figuring out simple stuff like 'what am I going to wear!?' Somehow I need to work in 40 hours of work on the clock as well. Gah!

Here shortly we are going to go check out the kitchens and serving dishes we'll have available for the wedding in Woodland Park. I'll study in the afternoon, and then am going to take a few hours off and go see "Van Helsing". Now, that should be a nice break from reality! Gazing at Hugh Jackman for a couple hours?! Nice!

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